Camping Tips: How to Staying Warm While Camping

How to Staying Warm While Camping

I was always a cold sleeper for years. While others in my camping group rested comfortably, I froze all night. That is until I invested in some different gear.


I’ve found that the correct choice of clothing makes a big difference in how warm I stay. My feet are often cold. I found I love Smart Wool Socks. They absorb and breathe well and are extremely comfy. My feet stay at a comfortable temperature and I can wear them for a variety of activities. Even if they get damp, they still keep my feet comfy. I also find sleeping in silk underwear helps me stay comfortable at night. It is more breathable than other fabrics and it is lightweight. If the temperature is really cold, I wear a fleece hat and lightweight fleece mittens. A pair of down camping booties can also help keep you warm around the campfire. I also always bring a down jacket, which I can wear around camp or to bed for another layer of insulation. If it’s not needed for insulation, I pack it into my stuff sack for a down pillow.

Sleeping Bag

I love my Lyell Sleeping Bag by Mountain Hardware. Rated to 15 below, it keeps me very comfortable. I recently camped in 12-degree weather and was warm all night. I was never warm before I bought this bag. With 600 down fill, it weighs 3 pounds 9 ounces. It has water resistant fabric and a nice hood. It is a sturdy warm bag that I expect to have for many years to come.

Sleeping Pads

If you’re a cold sleeper and you’re considering buying a Therma Rest pad, I would recommend going with the full-length pad. A full-length Therma Rest or camping mattress can help insulate you from the ground better than a ¾ length mattress. A full-length Therma Rest pad is heavier, but it provides more insulation. There is nothing worse than being comfortable on your top half, but feeling the cold creep into your lower legs and feet. I have tried putting clothes or a backpack on the bottom half of a ¾ length pad. It’s just not the same. I slide off the backpack or it is a different height than my pad, making it uncomfortable. I just don’t stay as warm with a shorter pad.

These changes in gear have made a huge difference in my comfort level. I have found a combination of gear that works for me. I now sleep through the night and I am warm.


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