Is the Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent Worth Considering?

Pacific Breeze EasyUp beach tent

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The tent is Lightweight and compact. The tent has the fastest and easiest set up and take down of all beach tents on the market. It also comes with a cheapest price.

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A day in the beach is a very pleasurable activity and the Pacific Breeze EasyUp beach tent compliments this experience very well. It does this by packing features that enhance a day in the outdoors. Umbrellas and beach towels might have been enough in the past but why stop there when you can have a sturdier shelter? Why settle when you can have the necessary protection from the sun, wind, and rain without sacrificing portability? This tent can give you the basic comforts you want while also giving you the assurance that when the chilly winds hit or when the sun gets too hot, you can retreat inside and remain comfortable.

Design and Performance

This tent is designed for the beach lifestyle. It is lightweight and it has large windows on both sides for ventilation, allowing as much air you can take inside. It has a huge front entrance so that you can easily slide in and out, a must have for a beach shelter. Its floor is made from PE allowing it to withstand outdoor use and abuse and continuous exposure to salt water and sand. It allows sunlight in but its UPF50+ material protects you from the dangerous ultraviolet rays. Everything about this tent is about maximizing fun in the shore.

Best suited for

This tent is best suited for beach bums, people who love the sea, surfers, and families who are into beach picnics. It is also great for people who live near the shore giving them shelter at the very edge of the lapping waves. This tent is also for people who want simplified shelter solutions. It is lightweight, easy to set up, and spares you from the hassles of umbrellas flying out to the wind and towels getting all damped and uncomfortable. In one small package, you have all you need to stay dry and shaded in the sand.

Not so great for

The Pacific Breeze EasyUp beach tent is not so great for those who have a huge family. This tent is not that big, probably just enough to sleep two adults and two small kids comfortably inside. It is also not a year round tent, with its material not really designed to insulate people from cold weather.


Large Size

  • Specially designed by EasyUp Hub System.
  • The fastest and easiest set up and take down.
  • Durable and lightweight fiberglass frame and waterproof PE floor.
  • Comfortably fits 2 people.
  • 2 Windows for Cross Breeze.
  • UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Item Dimensions are 47.2 H x 49.2 D x 86.6 L inches.
  • weighs is just 4.5 pounds.
  • Includes a carrying case, sand pockets, and 4 stakes.
  • Customer Friendly.
  • Call or email any time for support.

X-Large Size

  • Specially designed by EasyUp Hub System.
  • The fastest and easiest set up and take down.
  • Durable and lightweight fiberglass frame and waterproof PE floor.
  • omfortably fits 4 people.
  • 3 Windows for Cross Breeze.
  • UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Item Dimensions are 52 H x 51 D x 95 L inches.
  • weighs is just 6.5 pounds.
  • Includes a carrying case, 5 sand pockets, and 4 stakes.
  • Customer Friendly.
  • Call or email any time for support.

Special Features

  1. The EasyUp Hub system allows people to get this tent up easily. You can even have this standing on your own in a matter of seconds. In fact, it is the easiest tent to set up in the market today.
  2. Its frame is made from fiberglass making it both strong and very light. This also allows it to withstand corrosion, a must have quality for a tent designed to be used near salt water. With proper care, this can last for years.
  3. It has a carrying case that makes it easy to store and transport. When packed it is just 38-40 inches long and 5-6 inches tall and wide based on size, small enough to fit in a decent-sized backpack.
  4. It is made from high-quality material. It can let sunlight in minus the dangerous UV rays. It can also withstand strong winds and can easily repel water.
  5. 5 sand pockets and 4 stakes to make sure the beach tent can be stabilized in windy conditions.
  6. It is well designed so there is no beach scenario that this tent cannot handle.

Pros & Cons


  • The Pacific Breeze EasyUp beach tent is very portable and is designed around a hub system so that setting it up is fast and easy.
  • It is made with non-corrosive frame material (fiberglass). This assures you that it will last for years even when exposed to the elements especially salt water.
  • It provides better shelter than an umbrella. It can provide for UPF50+ protection against harmful UV rays. Since it has walls it can also provide ample protection from heavy rains, way better than what umbrellas can do.
  • The tent is spacious enough to house two adults and two small kids (toddlers). This makes it ideal for small families.


  • The design of the tent does not factor in severe weather conditions. While it is way better than having a beach umbrella, it also comes short when there is heavy downpour due to its open front design.
  • The lightweight material of the tent makes it hard to anchor to the ground with just its included stakes. Using sandbags and other strengthening solutions might be necessary when it is too windy.

Large Size

X-Large Size

Benefits you get when you use it

One of the key benefits of using this tent as mentioned in a Pacific Breeze EasyUp beach tent review is its superb material and structural design. It is easy to carry and set up thanks to its compact size. But even with its high-quality build, the most impressive advantage when you purchase this item is the 1-year limited warranty that goes with it. The impressive customer support of Pacific Breeze also adds value to this product. They are prompt in acting on your concerns and would not hesitate to exchange a defective product. This reflects their confidence in their tents, another good reason to buy this beach tent.

Summary of customers review

This Pacific Breeze product has very high ratings from customers. According to a Pacific Breeze EasyUp beach tent review, this tent’s most obvious strength is easy to use hub system. You just inflate the poles thru its central hub on top of the tent dome and you are good to go. Customers also rave about the quick and effective customer support of the manufacturer. Questions are answered immediately and defective products are exchanged with no complications. Customers also respond positively to the tent’s materials. They are lightweight and offer important sun protection. The windows are also large enough so that the surrounding view remains open to the person inside. They say the windows also provide enough ventilation inside the tent and prove to be ideal during the night, especially when humidity is high. The simple design of the tent allows it to be very suitable to the beach lifestyle. The floor of the tent is left unobstructed in the front so that the sand that gets inside can easily be rid off. The tent is considered by many as having the perfect size for two adults, with space to spare for chairs, coolers, and other items.

Step by step setting up guide

  • Remove the tent from its storage bag.
  • Make sure that the poles that support the Pacific Breeze EasyUp beach tent are fully extended and are spread out on the ground. This is to prevent the structure from snagging or failing to open up easily.
  • Pull the draw strings that are on top of the patented EasyUp Hub system. This hub sits on top of the dome of the tent.
  • As you pull the strings make sure that the upper and lower sections of the frame connect. Wait for the snap on top of the hub, as you would do when you open an umbrella.
  • Tie the draw strings to prevent accidental closing of the structure.

Let’s take a look at the video for¬†understanding the process of setting up much more clear

Tips for maintenance and usage

The key component of this tent is its hub system that supports its whole form and structure. This must be taken care of if you want the whole tent to last. Pull the strings gently and make sure that the tent is laid out properly first. This prevents damage to the hub and also to the thin material which can easily snag and rip when forced open. Clean the exterior of the tent as often as you need to. Make sure the tent sits on a cleared area in the beach. Be watchful of sharp rocks or shells that can tear its flooring.

My verdict

This is probably the best-made beach shelter you can find in the market. The ease of getting this up is very important especially near the shore where it can be windy at times. Getting a conventional tent up in a high-wind environment will make the already tricky exercise harder. Nothing compares to the easy pull of a string to get a decent shelter ready in the sand. Also, the decent size of the tent should be enough to give you the space you need to set up your leisure spot where you can sit, read a book, take a nap, or just bask in the indirect sunlight

Large Size

X-Large Size

Final words

As observed in a Pacific Breeze EasyUp beach tent review, the success of this product is the perfect combination of all the positive attributes of a portable beach umbrella and a well made, full-size tent. Setting this up is just like opening a beach umbrella – easy. Though the set up is fast the shelter and protection it can give you is impressive. You can get better protection from the sun and you can keep dry even in heavy rains. It is the perfect compromise for people who want to go to the beach light but would want to be protected from the elements very well.


  1. I live in South Florida and we go to the beach quite often. IF you know anything about FL then you know how unbearably hot it gets while sitting on a beach. I researched long and hard for a shade tent and after careful consideration purchased this one. It was and still is worth every single penny. From the opening of it to the breakdown (both under 1 minute), it is by far the best money I ever spent. It is still in perfect condition after opening and closing it hundreds of times. It has held up to high winds (as long as it is anchored and the bags filled with sand. One great aspect of it is that it feels at least 10 degrees cooler while in the shade tent. You can fit two (low) beach chairs in it comfortably although I do not recommend it because it would take up much space.

    This is an absolute must have for those who frequent the beach and those who have children. It is hard to go through all of the pro’s about this item, you just have to use it yourself to truly appreciate it. I would happily spend $100 on it in the future if ever i had to replace it.


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