Review of the Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Beach Cabana Tent

Lightspeed Beach cabana tent

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The tent is Lightweight and compact. The tent is easy to setup, has made by quality materials and strong hold in windy environments.

  • Design
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It is nice to spend time in the outdoors and the best way to enhance the experience is to have a beach cabana tent. This specially designed shelter can shield you from the elements without sacrificing your need for space and mobility. The result is a tent that is ideal for the beach, parks, and campsites. It has an interior space and an extension out in the front that can be ideal for sunbathing or enjoying the view of the surroundings in a comfortable chair. The porch area is one of this product’s unique attributes and is proving to be a necessary addition to tents of this kind.

Design and Performance

The beach cabana tent is made with the intention of adding to the joys of spending time with nature. It is made with polyester making it light at the same time durable. It has UPF50+ protection so that you can spend time inside it without worrying about solar radiation. It can fit 2 adults and 2 young children and has enough space to fit in chairs, coolers, and many more outdoor fun necessities. It is designed to be set up easily with its compression hub system that only takes seconds to get the tent up and ready.

Best suited for

This tent is best suited for people who like to enjoy the beach, outdoor sporting events, and camping. It considers the need for space while making sure that the additional room does not affect the performance of the tent when it comes to ease of storage, transportation, and set up. It is also great for people who want both the ability to be one with nature while also being protected from the rain, cold and extreme heat. While it gives you a 360-degree view of your surroundings thanks to the windows on each of its three walls, it is also able to keep moisture out during heavy downpours.

Not so great for

This is not so great for those who want a conventional tent that is ideal for long-term use in the outdoors. It has no actual door as it is designed for people to easily go in and out. Bugs can pose a problem for those who use this tent overnight. Its thin materials might not also provide ample insulation during bad weather.


  • Polyester.
  •  wall material is breathable polyester with water-resistant coating .
  • Color Blue/Gray.
  • Lightweight & compact.
  • UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Fits two adults and two kids comfortably with room for chairs and plenty of gear.
  • 3 roll-up windows provide extra ventilation and privacy.
  • Includes carrying case, shoulder strap, sand pockets, stakes and guylines.
  • Item Dimensions 48 x 96 x 54 inches.
  • Floor area 53.8 ft².
  • 3 Sand pockets.
  • 3 Pockets.
  • Weighs 6 pounds.

Special features

  1. The hub system that holds together the entire frame of the tent is one of its key features. This allows you to set it up by just pulling the lower part of the hub upwards to secure the overall framing of the tent. This makes it very easy to use that even kids can set it up on their own.
  2. The tent has numerous windows. This allows the air to pass through and provide ample ventilation while giving you a panoramic view of your surroundings. The windows can be rolled down when it rains.
  3. The tent has built-in sandbags to get the structure grounded well so that even in high winds it will remain stable.
  4. There is an overlap of the flooring material that is sewn from the inside of the tent all the way out to the front porch. This is ideal for placing some camping gear or making it the leisure spot for a day out in the beach or at a lakeside camping ground.

Pros & Cons


  • The beach cabana tent is easy set up with its compression hub. No need to assemble poles or figure out the crisscrossing structural assembly like that of conventional tents out in the market today.
  • Huge enough to house up to two adults and two small children. This is the perfect shelter for a young family of four.
  • It has decent height clearance at 49.25 inches. You can comfortably set up chairs inside and sit comfortably without your head reaching the dome.
  • It offers sun protection, a surprising feature considering the lightweight material used for the tent. This is something an outdoor umbrella cannot provide for.


  • For some people this beach cabana tent might not be large enough for their use.
  • The dark colored front porch material can easily get hot under direct sunlight. This can get very hot to the point that it is impossible to stand on it for long periods of time defeating its purpose as an extension of the tent's usable space.
  • The outdoor flap in this portable beach cabana tent can also collect too much sand in the beach making it more of a nuisance than an added feature. In the park or campsites however this is not a problem.
  • The included stakes may not be enough to hold the tent down in high winds. The sandbags and stakes however can be used together for stabilizing the tent better.

>Benefits you get when you use it

One of the key benefits of this portable beach cabana tent is the many available options to stabilize it firmly on the ground. The three sandbags included are more than enough to keep the tent from rolling over in strong winds. Aside from the sandbags, there are also stakes and guylines that are included in its carry bag. While it is very stable it is also very easy to prop up, a feature that makes this product very exciting for many outdoor enthusiasts. Its structural support is integrated to the tent so there is no need to worry about losing framing poles.

Summary of customers Review

The majority of those who bought this portable beach cabana tent gave it a perfect score on Amazon. Most users are reacting positively to the easy set up of the Lightspeed cabana. Getting it up and ready for use only takes seconds. People who have used this cabana also laud its multiple windows and its porch area as these enhance the experience of being in the outdoors. The flap that extends out also addresses the dampness of the ground. There is an overhang at the front part so that it is possible to set up chairs here without being exposed too much under the sun. Reviews of this family beach cabana also mentioned the impressive ventilation it provides thanks to its huge front opening. Many are also impressed with the quality materials used in the tent which should make it last for a long time as many satisfied users are saying in their reviews at Amazon.

Step by step setting up guide

  • Get the tent out from its storage bag.
  • Spread it out carefully to the ground. This is important because the excess porch material can easily snag the frame making it impossible to pull up.
  • Make sure that the poles are extended out properly.
  • Pull the lower part of the built-in hub system up towards the top of the tent-cabana. This will expand the structure and make it stand on its own.
  • Pull the hub up until it snaps, meaning the structure is already locked and ready for use.

Let’s take a look at the video for understanding the process of setting up much more clear

Tips for maintenance and usage

This tent is easy to maintain. Make sure that it is cleared of sand and or moisture before you fold it up and get it inside its storage case. It is also important that you take extra caution when you set up the tent. Be careful in your handling of the hub and be sure to fix snags than forcing the tent open. Forced pulling can lead to the tearing of the polyester material. Be sure to clean up the tent as often as you need to. Liquid soap and water is more than enough to extend the life of your tent cabana.

My verdict

This Lightspeed family beach cabana has all the right features that some people who plan to go camping as a family need. It is an amazing shelter option for people who love the outdoors but do not necessarily want to overburden themselves with heavy camping equipment. It also works great for people who are into quick outdoor fun. With the easy set up, it promises its users you do not have to waste time assembling it from scratch. You can just go the beach, unfold it, snap it to place, get in your chairs and get the leisure time started in a couple of minutes. With this portable beach cabana tent’s sheltered space and exterior porch area, you have all the room you need to be one with nature.

Final words

The beach cabana tent is an impressive product. It is well designed and is made from materials that ensure its longevity. It has all the right features for people who love to go out in the sun – good ventilation, a well-integrated front porch area with an overhang shelter, a protective material that shields you from dangerous sun rays, and much more. The tent also considers the difficulty of getting a tent up and ready so the hub system adds to its appeal especially for people who would rather spend more time enjoying the outdoor fun than assembling a conventional tent.


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