Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent Detailed Review

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

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Durable, Made with Hydra-Shield,Enough Roomy, Good in wind, Easy to setup and take down, Big stakes, Bombproof floor and many more.

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If you are planning to go for a long tour on some beautiful but remote places, you must need Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent as to ease your tour. You may find it little expensive but quality of the product will ensure you it`s worth of that price. Prepared amid finest evaluation Hydra-Shield, cent percent fiber nods canvas. The firm knit as well as silicone cease formulate the image rainproof so far breathing, reducing concentration along with humidity. set out to the front in addition to feel the indoors ramparts throughout a rainstorm—this image won`t allow water to enter. The casing have spiral strengthen poles that remain the tent tight, along with strong one inch harden pipe rod that resolve stern storm. The ground is a faultless, profound task, penetrate defiant, sixteen oz disc that maintains water elsewhere. trouble-free, 1 individual arrangement obtain just the minority of minutes later than you encompass it bet away.

Design and performance

Roomy six feet six inch maximum altitude grant you to walk within it with freeness. No more trouble will be faced by you while roaming in the tent. This will enable you and your family enjoys the convenience of the tent. 2 huge formed entrance (frontage as well as backside) with high quality zippers.

Best suited for

  1. 8 people can reside in it, much space for everyone.
  2. Air ventilation is good enough as it has large windows.
  3. Temperature management.


  • Capacity: 8 people.
  • Set-up: Quick and easy, one-person, set-up.
  • Material: Hydra-ShieldTM, 100% Cotton Duck Canvas. Durable, watertight and breathable.
  • Ceiling material: 10-ounce Hydra-Shield canvas.
  • Wall material: 8.5-ounce Hydra-Shield canvas.
  • Floor material: 16-ounce polyester-reinforced vinyl with welded seams.
  • Frame: 1-inch galvanized steel tubing.
  • Rods: 3/8-inch solid spring steel Flex-Bow rods.
  • Flex-Bow Frame: Exceptionally sturdy. Keeps tent taut.
  • Tent dimensions: 10 by 14 feet.
  • Ceiling height: 6 feet 6 inches.
  • Stakes: Heavy-duty 12-inch, steel rod.
  • Doors & Windows : Two large D-shaped doors (front and back) with #10 YKK zippers. Four large windows with no-see-um mesh.

Special features

  1. It’s  larger than most of the tents so that you can feel the comfort while residing in it.
  2. Very easy to set up even one person can easily set up it and take down. So this enables you the easiness of the product. This feature is special when you will give a try, you will understand it
  3. It’s breathable as it has large windows and doors and thus, air can easily enter into this. You will have enough air feel fresh living like in the environment safely.
  4. Floor quality will also give the feeling of ease. You can even sleep on it.
  5. Its durability against rain and storm is praiseworthy according to the customer reviews of the product.
  6. Moreover, its quality cotton cloth is going to save you from many natural distractions and danger.

Pros & Cons


  • It's large, large enough for 8 people.
  • Made of 100% cotton, it will be same as new for several years if it is handled carefully.
  • 2 funnel flow is provided for temperature managing.
  • Large D-shaped doors for easy entrance.
  • 4 large windows for air ventilation.
  • 80+ wind resistant.
  • Full rainproof.
  • User friendly.


  • It may be a little heavier to carry out.
  • If not set up properly the wind may cause distractions.

Benefits you get when you use it

  1. The height and room space of the tent was enjoyed by many as  positive attributes of the product,Kids could play in it as the space is large.
  2. While many other people’s tent becomes wet, it was till dry and assist to sleep well.
  3. Enough air ventilation was enjoyed by the consumers.
  4. Overall people find it easier to setup and take down.
  5. The quality of the tent’s cloth is very good as many of customers could use it for several occasions. Thunderstorm and wind was resisted accordingly by this.

Summary of customer reviews

They said that it was very easy to set up even one person was able to set it up and take down. Someone state that he had gone to camping with a lot of people. Everyone has his own tent. Heavy rain soaked most of the tents. But he found Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent dry and convenient enough to sleep. The thing they mentioned specially that temperature was pretty good in the tent. It was durable against heavy winds. Floor quality was also mentioned. They said the floor was a source of comfort. Many people praised the product as may be the price is pretty high but it’s worth of it. The features and convenience were up to the mark. Large doors and windows had made it more special.

Step by step setting up guide

Firstly you should select a plain and clean site where you would set up your tent. It’s very important that you select a good place for Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent. May be stone free place will be better.

  • Then place the tent`s cloth on the floor space and stick it with soil through pins at several parts.
  • Then enter the rods into the tent`s points.
  • Two longest rod have to be stick together.
  • Now place this rod in the side of the tent with sticking it to the tent.
  • Now another rod to be place like this on other side.
  • And thus your Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent is for use.

Let’s take a look at the video for understanding the process of setting up much more clear

Tips for maintenance and usage

You should take care of this tent. Its quality is high but how many occasions you can attend with this, it really depends on you maintain and use it. We have some recommendations:

Store it properly: Before your use, store it in a clean place. If you don`t place it in a well conditioned place then it can lose it`s fibre quality as of excessive heat or cold. Even after using it, you need to store it in the right way.

Don’t keep it wet while storing: Don`t let it be stored wet while you are going to store it. If you don`t do so, fungus may born and damage it. So check again and again whether it is wet or not.

Wash it after each usage: You should wash it after each time you used. Otherwise it can be damaged in certain parts. Carry it with the specific bag: While you are travelling, take separate bag for Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent.

 My verdict

This Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent product comes with the features you ever looked for. You may find it a little expensive than other products but in reality this product is worth of that extra price. This product will give you inner peace while traveling outside of your home. Extra room space is one of the exclusive features of Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent. If you have kids, they can even play freely in it. You can bring your family and friends as well while camping and live under one roof of this tent. So it’s a family package. Anyone can set it up easily and take down. The product will not be tough thing to handle. This feature of this tent made everybody`s access to it. Air control mechanism is also of great efficiency. 4 big windows and 2 large doors are provided for air to enter and keep a comfortable temperature. On the other hand it is very strong against negative environmental condition. You will be safe from these disturbances and can feel the harmony of mind. And the tent is made of 100% cotton which can ensure you a lifetime of several years.

Final words

It’s your choice to choose the ones that suits your need best, but we can suggest you that this product will not be a waste of your valuable money. Though it`s prices are a little bit high, we ensure you that this product is the best quality product out there in the market. You can`t find such a durable product against heavy winds and storms. This product is a blessing for the customers of the market. Don`t get your eye stuck to the prices just concentrate on the features and quality of the products. It`s the revolution here don`t be late to buy.


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