Camping Tips: Everything about food Safety for Your Camping Trip

Food Safety for Your Camping Trip

Camping is one of the best ways for the family to bond and the kids to learn more about nature. It is one of the most fun activities you could enjoy as a family. However, with great fun comes great responsibility. With this trip, you need to prepare foods and munchies for the whole bunch. With the uncertain status of the wild, wild animals may be attracted to the food you will make and hence cause more danger for your family.

1. Prevent preparing foods that have very strong odours. This will attract insects and wild animals to your haven. Foods like tuna, fishes, spiced foods and the like are just some of the most common examples. It is safest that you bring in preserved foods such as corned beef or meatloaf. These contained additives that make it last for a long time. Pack foods individually instead of groups so as to avoid natural spoilage.

2. Place foods and food containers away from constant staying places. Avoid putting it in near your tent or sleeping area. The odour and food may attract ants and animals while you are sleeping. Have a designated area for all the food during camp and make sure edible items are only stored in one place. A good 100 meters is enough for you to be safe during sleeping hours. It is also a good way for you to not smell like food during the day when you wake up in the morning. It would also help if you place your food items in a place that is uncomfortable for the bears and insects; this is to discourage them from continuing their evil acts.

3. Beforehand, purchase food storages that have patent seal and spillage-free. Make sure that the covers are well-fitted to the containers so as to avoid actual and odour leaks all over the place. Storages must also be durable so you’d still protect them even if a wild bear attacks it.

4. To protect your food from big animals such as bears, it is a good idea for you to hang it. Bears are very big and cannot carry themselves so high due to heavy weight. Thus, you could be safe with the hanging method. Hang it for at least five meters above the ground and four feet away from the body of the tree.

5. For more safe keeping, you could always keep your food inside your cars as this is very rigid and durable enough to store food items.


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