Camping Tips: Enjoying Camping with Your Preschooler

Enjoying Camping with Your Preschooler

It’s the time of year to be thinking about planning that memorable family vacation. An exciting vacation for parents and children is riding off into the woods and embarking on a camping journey and getting back to “nature”. Taking the family camping is fun, inexpensive, and educational. To be in nature, experiencing the sights and sounds of the surrounding countryside, is truly a magical and calming experience. Camping can be planned in any season, depending on where you live, and can indeed bring the family closer together. Kids of all ages enjoy camping, and that includes the curious, full of life, preschooler.

Although kids of all ages enjoy camping, it’s the preschoolers that need some extra care and attention. Taking a 3-5-year-old on a camping trip can be an exhausting thought and sometimes so overwhelming that the thought is quickly put away in the back of your mind. However, that does not have to be the case. With some smart planning and organisation, preschoolers can immensely enjoy experiencing the outdoors, and you too can enjoy having them tag along.

Pick a Comfortable Time of Year

Pick a Comfortable Time of YearNo adult or even an older child desires to go camping when the temperatures are so hot and unbearable that the trip is not an enjoyable one. Nor, is it a good idea to go camping when temperatures are near freezing. These drastic changes in temperatures can affect moods and attitudes of a person, especially a preschooler. Pick an appropriate time when the temperatures are comfortable, and maybe even slightly cold. Great camping seasons are early autumn, spring, and early summer. Your preschooler will be more comfortable and will be able to enjoy the endless daily activity if the temperature is pleasant.

Prepare for Rainy Weather

We cannot control Mother Nature, but we can control how we deal with it. Pack some board games, cards, and some craft activities for your preschooler to enjoy during the times when he or she is unable to run and play outside. Preschoolers are quickly bored and their attention spans are shorter. So have enough activities to keep your preschooler entertained and happy. Before leaving on your family camping trip, have your preschooler pick out a cute backpack and let him or her fill it with their favourite books and activities. This way your preschooler will feel like a little helper, and you will know that the activities in the backpack will provide long lasting entertainment.

Prepare Kid-Friendly Snacks

Fruit and vegetables basketBesides playing with toys and finding bugs, kids love to eat. Allow your preschooler to pick out some yummy snacks to bring along on the trip. Fill a container or basket with some fresh fruit, granola bars, and some juice boxes. Give your preschooler a small backpack so that these snacks can be carried along with your hikes. When you child is ready for a little snack, he or she can reach back and grab a fresh apple or a chocolate chip granola bar. Steady snacking times will keep your preschooler from feeling too tired and weak. Healthy snacks will keep your preschooler energised and happy.

Outside Games on Sunny Days

Outside GamesPreschoolers love to be active, so it’s a wise idea to have games set aside for some fun quality time as a family. During the camping trip, pick an item that your preschooler can continually look for and to collect. For example, rocks, leaves, and pinecones would be fun things to study. Not only is this educational and fun, but can be a family keepsake to be remembered. Enjoy looking for bugs, looking under rocks, and finding fish in the water. Preschoolers’ imagination runs wild, and they are easily awed by the surrounding environment.

By taking some time, including your preschooler in packing for the trip, and organising games and activities, your camping trip with your preschooler can be fun and adventurous for the entire family. Not only will you be surprised that you will survive your journey in the outdoors with your preschooler, but you will treasure the lasting memories that you will make and the quality family time that will be spent together that will be talked about for years to come.


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