Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent Review

coleman weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent

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The tent is designed for extended camping trips. With two rooms, the tent can provide ample space for relaxation and sleeping for big groups so much. It can withstand different elements like torrential rains and strong winds.

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Are you interested in getting the Coleman Weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent? Maybe you have been visiting various websites to find a good and comprehensive Coleman Weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent review. This article will attempt to break down everything you need to know about this tent. Coleman has been known to produce high quality products designed for outdoor use. For more than a century, the firm has been in the forefront of producing outdoor recreation products. The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent proves that to this day, the brand can be relied upon for high quality items that are intended for use of campers.

Design and Performance

The tent is made of polyester taffeta 75D PU coating. Its hinged door allows quick access in or out. The D-shaped door swings open for easier entry. It also features Coleman’s patented WeatherTec system, with welded floors and inverted seams that prevent water from getting into the tent. The tent measures 17 x 9 feet. Aside from being able to accommodate 10 people, up to 3 queen size beds would fit inside the tent. The center height measures 6 feet, 8 inches, with enough room for people to stand and move around.

Best Suited For

The tent is designed for extended camping trips. With two rooms, the tent can provide ample space for relaxation and sleeping for big groups so much so that they can have their things stored inside the tent. You can also have one big room if you prefer by not using the divider that bisects the tent down the middle. The tent is also robust enough that once it is put up, strong winds would find it hard to bring it down. Simply put, this is not a glorified changing room at all. It can withstand different elements like torrential rains and strong winds.

Not So Great For

Despite its name, the tent is not designed for use in the winter because it only has a single skin on the sides. If you are to camp out during the winter season, you’d rather use a mountaineering tent with single or double wall construction as this type of tent can make you warmer when you are outdoors.


  • Exclusive WeatherTec System Keeps you dry Guaranteed.
  • Two doors for easy access: hinged front and zippered back.
  • WeatherTec System - patented welded floors and inverted seams keep water out.
  • Easy setup with color-coded poles and continuous pole sleeves.
  • 17 ft. x 9 ft. (5.18 m x 2.74 m), fits ten people or three queen airbeds.
  • 6 ft. 8 in. (2.03 m) center height for room to stand and move.
  • Included carry bag with separate stake and pole sacks.

Special Features

  1. It has two doors – one hinged front, and another which is zippered back which allow easy access in and out of the tent.
  2. The Variflo adjustable ventilation system lets users customize their cooling comfort. Users can choose the level of ventilation to keep themselves cool inside the tent.
  3. The WeatherTec system keeps the inside of the tent dry no matter how strong the rains are. It also gives assurance to users they’ll be dry during the wet season.
  4. It comes with a carry bag which provides convenience in handling and transport
  5. It has color-coded poles and continuous polo sleeves for easier setting up of the tent. These can make assembly of the tent quick and hassle-free.
  6. This tent has four small storage nets located in the corners to store miscellaneous items.

Pros & Cons


Perhaps the biggest advantage of having this tent is that it is big enough to accommodate 10 adults. It is the perfect tent for families and friends who like to spend several days in the woods. There’s plenty of room inside the tent for people to walk around. Moreover, the tent is tall enough even for six footers.
The hinged door is also a great feature of this tent. It provides easy access to the tent. Mothers who bring their children to camping trips will find the door a nice feature as they can walk in and out of the tent while carrying a baby or assisting their kids.


Being big has its downsides. For one, there is no way you can put this together in less than 20 minutes. You would need the help of two or more people to assemble the tent given its size.
The tent isn’t also designed for cool weather. Because of its space, there is a tendency for the temperature inside the tent to be lower than in a smaller tent.
While it is big, the tent has a limited number of pocket storage which is disappointing given that it is designed for plenty of people. There is also no way to run an extension cord into the tent.

Benefits You Can Get When You Use It

Having this tent in your backyard or garage can give you a lot of benefits. For one, you can enjoy extended camping trips with your family if you have this tent. It is particularly great for large families, as there should be enough space for up to 10 people in this tent. Aside from providing adequate space for sleeping and relaxation, the tent has enough room for you to store your stuff like sleeping materials and bags. You should stay cool and comfy inside this tent with its Variflo adjustable ventilation system. And with its inverted end windows, you can let fresh air inside the tent and get much needed ventilation even during hot days.

Summary of Customers Review

Like any other Coleman Weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent review you can find on the Internet, reviewers are happy with their purchase. One reviewer was so impressed with the tent that he said this is the best tent that he has ever been in. He shared his experience of how they remained dry inside the tent even if it rained non-stop for 24 hours. Another common praise on this tent is how easy it is to set up. One reviewer commented that they can put it up in 15 minutes and even in the dark, because of its color coded poles. He mentioned though that it would take 2-3 persons to put the tent up because of its size. If there’s one thing that reviewers are not so happy about this tent, then it is the rain fly. Many reviewers on the website wrote that it is too small to protect a person from the rains.

Step By Step Setting Up Guide

  • Clear the ground first by removing stones and sticks that can damage the floor of the tent.
  • Unfold the tent and arrange it, with the door facing the appropriate location/area.
  • Pull the tent corners so the tent can be stretched out.
  • Put together the curved ridge poles by looking at the red markings. Insert the ridge poles into the sleeves.
  • Put the eight leg poles together, and then push the curved end into the ridge poles to form an arch.
  • Rotate the tent poles upright, forming the tent. Insert pins at the base of the tent, and then snap the plastic clips along the sides of the tent.
  • Stretch the tent leg poles by pushing in the buttons found on each leg pole.
  • Assemble the hinged door.
  • Place the rain fly on top of the tent, with its seams facing down. Each seam should also be over the tent pole.
  • Assemble the awning pole, the black pole that has a shock cord, by pushing it through the sleeve in the rain fly.
  • Look for the metal hooks on the rain fly and attach these into the holes on the leg poles.
  • Stretch out the guy lines and loop the ends over the tent stakes.
  • Go inside the tent and install the room divider which hangs from the toggles that are attached to the inside tent fabric.

Let’s take a look at the video for understanding the process of setting up much more clear

Tips for Maintenance and Usage

The zippers of the tent aren’t really designed to be yanked on like a gorilla. Be careful in closing and opening the zippers so these would last longer. Before bringing this tent to your camping site, it would be great to put some waterproofing spray on it. This should not only ensure the longer life of the tent but also guarantee that you’ll remain, dry, warm, and comfortable even on rainy days. While the tent flooring looks sturdy enough, it would not hurt to put a large tarp on the ground before putting up the tent to protect its flooring.

My Verdict

This tent is a pretty good buy for campers who like to stay outdoors for an extended period. With its size, the tent provides enough room for families to store their things. It helps that there are two doors in this tent, which makes access a lot easier. Aside from its size, the tent is also valuable give its robust design. The flooring of the tent, for instance, is made of durable polyester. And the variable ventilation system gives you another reason to consider getting this tent, as it can make your stay outdoors more comfortable even during hot days and nights.

Final Words

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent is far from being a perfect tent for families. Setting up will require some teamwork from family members, and the limited number of pocket storage is surprising given that it is designed for 10 individuals. Although it has its shortcomings, this tent is still a good buy. Coleman’s excellent craftsmanship and design are in full display in this product, and you will have peace of mind knowing that you are housed in a very durable and robust tent. As any Coleman Weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent review would tell you, this is a good tent both for experienced and neophyte campers.


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