Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is a revolution out there!

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

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High-quality materials, Large room space and most of all Convenient and stylish structure makes Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent one of the best products in the market.

  • Design
  • Performance
  • Set Up
  • Support

All your need comes to an end. We are presenting such a product that will give you opportunities to enjoy your vacation freely. No more worry, no more tension while camping or travelling. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent enables you freely move with your luggage without any trouble. This tent is light in weight so that you can carry it everywhere you want. There are many products in the market but we guarantee you that you will find it’s unique and suited to your needs. It’s design is remarkable and suitable.

Design and performance


  1. Attractive outlook.
  2. Designed for 8-person to reside in one room.
  3. Center entrance for convenience.


  1. People found it roomy.
  2. Proper air ventilation.
  3. Durable against the adverse situation.
  4. Handy doors at the center.

This are not only our claim, it`s the word of mouth of our customers. So it`s your time to discover it.

Best suited for

  1. It’s unique design.
  2. Convenient and stylish structure.
  3. Large room space.
  4. High-quality materials are used to make it.
  5. Strong against storms.

Not so great for

  1. Poles may break if it is not properly installed


  • Polyester.
  • Frame Material is Fiberglass.
  • Cabin design with specially angled windows that keep rain out even when they're open.
  • Great for family car campers, scout leaders, extended camping trips and more.
  • Electrical access port to bring technology inside the tent.
  • Hinged door.
  • Door awning, protection from rain and sun.
  • WeatherTec System: patented welded floors and inverted seams keep water out.
  • Detachable rainfly for weather protection.
  • Mesh roof for more sunlight.
  • Insta-Clip pole attachments stand up to winds.
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup.
  • Interior gear pocket makes small, important items easy to find.
  • Easy, 15-minute setup with color-coded poles.
  • Carry bag with separate sacks for poles and stakes.
  • 16 ft. x 7 ft.
  • 6 ft. 2 in. center height.

Special features

  1. Its attractive and unique design will bring your peace of mind while you will be in camping. Every time you will see it from outdoor, it will seem new to you.
  2. It has huge room space. So you and your family can easily inhabit in it for few weeks to few months without feeling of out of space and comfort.
  3. Entrance door is placed conveniently at the center of the tent and it ensures no water can enter into the tent.
  4. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent provides great protection against rain and keeps you dry. So you can just enjoy nature without having any tension while it’s raining.
  5. Very easy to set up and take down. You need not take any stress to set it up.
  6. It’s very special as it has no room divider so that you and your family can stay together within a room. This feature will surely make you feel better in camping. What do you think? Isn`t it a great feature?
  7. Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is a quality product but at an affordable price. This product is available at comparatively cheap price in spite of its having great quality features. So it’s high time you should buy this product for your upcoming events at outdoors.
  8. It can withstand heavy storms and winds. You need not to worry while you see a heavy storm is coming as this tent can give good protection from these natural adverse situations.
  9. You will the product easier to carry along with you. It takes less space while it is compressed.

Pros & Cons


  • Specially designed for your mind satisfaction.
  • Extra room space for free movement and relaxation.
  • Handy use.
  • Light in weight.
  • Convenient Door facilities.
  • One large room for all of your companions.
  • Durable against all hazards.
  • Easy to carry as it takes a little space in your luggage.
  • Quality clothes are used to make it.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Convenient for kids as well.


  • When rain cover is on, air doesn`t enter that much.
  • You have to be careful while setting, otherwise improper setup can create trouble.

Benefits you get when you use it

  1. You can both save your money and get the quality product.
  2. That extra space can ease you sleep sound and move freely.
  3. You can also save space in your luggage.
  4. You can let your children play freely in it.
  5. It enables you to feel safe and secure.
  6. Many people found themselves dry while it was raining.
  7. You and all of your friends can party all together in it.
  8. It is capable of using several years for camping if it is maintained properly.
  9. It will surely give you a feeling of being at your home.
  10. Air management of the tent will make you living with nature.
  11. You can pack it quickly and go for a camping at an instance.

Summary of customer reviews

Most of the people recommend this product for several reasons. Some of them said that this Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent provided them large space. As a result, they felt more and more comfortable day after day. Some of them claimed the product price as they had a quality product at a cheap rate. They said that though the price of the product was cheap but when they used they found it a high-quality one. A number of customers also applaud Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent as it was durable against storms and rains, thus keeping them dry. A large portion of the customers praised the product`s door as they had found it convenient for them and even for the kids as well. They found less trouble in setting it up and taking down. The customers commonly praised that this product was a great use of their money. They also recommended people to buy this product and experience it. Moreover, some of the customers preferred it for it attractive design as well. They claimed that it was one of the most stylish products available in the marketplace.

Step by step setting up guide

  • First of all, you have to select a clean, dirt-free place where you want to setup the tent. Also make sure no solid stone is there.
  • Then take the bag of the product and lay the clothes on the ground.
  • Now take the pole rods and you will have two center pole rods. Set them to the hole provided in the product.
  • If you have settled the previous issue, then zip the areas where needed.
  • Now place the rest of the rods in the sides of the tents.
  • And your tent is ready.
  • Enjoy!

Tips for maintenance and usage

  1. Set up it carefully: You need to be a little bit careful while setting it up. If you don`t be careful while setting it up, you may not get all the privileges.
  2. Store it in cool and dry place: Immediately after receiving the product and after camping stores it in cool and dry place because moisture can cause bit damage if it is stored in a wet place for a long time.
  3. Clean it properly after every season of camping: It is necessary otherwise fungus can be grown and cause damage it. So subsequent to a camping period, you should wash it properly.
  4. Be careful with the door zipper: The door of Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is a specialty over other products but you need to be a little bit careful with the door zipper while using it. Don`t let people randomly deal with the zipper.
  5. Pack it properly after using: It should be packed properly while you are carrying it to the camping place. Improper packing can bring negative effects on Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent.

 My verdict

Well it’s a great product available in the market. Because has such unique features that allow you to become relax and tension free while you are in camping. You have already known in and out of the product. Let me provide a summary.

  • Great product at an attractive price.
  • One large room tent.
  • Specialized door for your comfort.
  • Eye-catching design.

Thus unique features made the product a lucrative one. According to me, I hadn`t seen such a product in the market having so many features. From the customer reviews, we also see that most of them are very satisfied with the product as it fulfils their expectations. Even if you are a design lover, it would be a great choice for you. Because it’s design is actually magnificent. You are being capable of living with your whole family within a room that’s also matter to consider. So I recommend you to buy Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent and have a good experience.

Final words

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is a revolution put there in the market providing high quality at a comparative price. If you begin using it, you will have the understanding of the product. Don’t be late to get a great service with Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent.


  1. If you are planning to go camping with 7 more people out there, then this would be a great choice to have. Although housing the suggested number of people could still be a bit of questioning, but if you think you and your friends can adjust to get stuffed inside the tent, you can take this one into consideration.


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