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coleman 8-person red canyon tent

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It's easy to set up, is affordable, offers plenty of space, and provides privacy and durable too. It's hard to recommend another 8 person tent.

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The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent looks big and imposing, and with sleeping room for 8 people it’s certainly one of the largest you will come across. In terms of features the Red Canyon is not lacking, but is it easy to use? If you’re going out camping the last thing you want is to get stuck with a tent that’s impossible to set up, so how does the Red Canyon do? In a nutshell the Coleman does very well, and it’s large enough for families who need lots of room, but this tent has lot more to offer you.

Design and Performance

This Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent review will start by saying this is very spacious: it measures 170 sq. ft. so there’s no question there’s room for up to 8 people. For a typical family of four there’s more than enough personal space for everyone and your pet too. The tent is made of durable materials so it’s not just large but built to last as well. Overall, performance is top notch.

Best Suited For

This tent is meant for families numbering up to 7 or 8, but it’s also for smaller families require space and privacy, something that regular family sized tents cannot provide them. This is also the tent for you if you like to camp with your friends and don’t want to have to put up with cramped surroundings. While it may be an overkill for a single camper, couples who like to camp and pack a lot of equipment or pets are going to find this very much to their liking. Bottom line: this is a versatile tent.

Not So Great For

The tent is best used in fair weather only. With the way the material is built this is going to keep you dry if there’s a thunderstorm, but don’t make it a habit to use this during the rainy season or winter as it’s not for those.


  • Sleeps up to 8 people.
  • Color Black/Blue/Red.
  • Item Weight 21.5 pounds.
  • Included room dividers allow you to create three separate rooms.
  • Fully taped rainfly seams with easy-to-use velcro frame attachments.
  • Coated polyester fabric combined with anti-wicking thread, webbing and zippers protects from rain.
  • Inverted floor seams to increase weather resistance.
  • Welding technology creates waterproof floor.
  • Zipper cuff on the door adds protection from the elements.
  • Frame engineered to be a stronger, more wind-responsive using redesigned poles and guy-out triangles to anchor tents and increase performance.
  • Shock-corded, color-corded pole system and quick clips make for easy setup.
  • Includes door mat and dry line for gear and gear loft, steel tent stakes and mallet.
  • Measures 17ft L x 10ft W x 72in H in the center.
  • Expandable carry bag.

Special Features

  1. The Red Canyon is equipped with the Coleman Weathertec System that will keep you dry even if it suddenly rains while you’re camping.
  2. There is plenty of ventilation inside the tent: it comes with the Variflo adjustable venting system and a cool air port. Together they give you full control over the air flow inside the tent as well as the temperature.
  3. The tent is constructed from polyester-coated waterproof fabric that prevents leakage.
  4. The frame was built to withstand strong winds and the zippers provide additional protection from the elements.
  5. The floor has reverse seams that prevent water from seeping through. Parts of the tent flooring are also welded for extra strength.
  6. Coleman has always made quality poles and these are no exceptions.
  7. The ceiling has a gear net where you can store keys, flashlights and other small items.
  8. The Red Canyon also has several pockets where you can store other items, a nice add-on as other tents only offer a few.

Pros & Cons


  • The Red Canyon is easy to set up.
  • The tent is low maintenance.
  • The dividers offers privacy.
  • The Variflo adjustable venting system provides a high degree of control over the temperature in the tent.
  • The tent is made from weather resistant fabrics and the seams do a good job preventing leaks.
  • The tent is easy to fold and carry around.
  • There's enough room to fit 3 queen sized mattresses.
  • It comes with a rainfly so there's no need to buy a separate one.
  • Since the dividers are detachable, you can configure the rooms in the tent in various ways.


  • The Red Canyon doesn't have as many doors as other 8 person tents, and this can post a minor inconvenience if it's full.
  • While the seams prevent leaks, this is not a 100% waterproof tent and cannot be used during the rainy season.
  • The tent can be set up by a single person, but it can be difficult as the guylines take a while to attach.
  • You have to find a good clear area to set up the tent, otherwise it's going to be hard locating stake spots without rocks.
  • The center poles are long and may require two people.

Benefits You Can Get When You Use It

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent offers several benefits, and chief among them are space and comfort. Once the tent has been set up you’ll be able to camp in comfort whether the sun is shining outside or the rain starts to fall. As many reviewers have pointed out, the room inside the Red Canyon is one that you need to see and feel, as it just puts the rest to shame. In addition the tent provides you with a number of useful accessories like storage bags, steel stakes, a welcome mat and more.

Summary of Customer Reviews

This Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent review can say with certainty that this tent has received numerous positive customer reviews online, which goes to show you how reliable it is. Customers like how easy the tent is to set up in spite of the size, and one reviewer even set the tent up by herself without too much trouble. Many of the reviewers also posted pictures of the tent to show how spacious it is and how convenient the Red Canyon is. Most of the customers who purchased the tent also agree there are little to no problems when it comes to leaks or seepage. While some reviewers have some criticisms, these are mostly minor issues and by and large, people are happy with the tent.

Step by Step Setting Up Guide

  • Position the tent in the desired direction.
  • Unzip the door.
  • Stake the corners of the tent via the stake loops. Make certain the tent floor is taut.
  • To put the frame poles together, interlock the shock corded poles (there are four of these).
  • Put the poles in the pole sleeves. The long red poles have to form an X in the center of the tent. The shorter grey poles are set on the sleeves going from front to back.
  • Put a pin on the main tent pole. Go to the pole's end and make an arch with the pole so you can put a pin into it.
  • Do the same for the other pole.
  • Put the pin inside the end of the pole on the side. Head over to the other end of the pole and form an arch. Put the pin in. Do this again on the other side.
  • To frame the poles, connect the frame clips on the Red Canyon's edge. Stake the other intermediate loops.
  • To attach the rainfly, insert the poles into the sleeves and drape the rainfly on the tent. Use the S hooks to connect the loops and put the poles' tips in the grommets.

Let’s take a look at the video for understanding the process of setting up much more clear

Tips for Maintenance and Usage

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent poles must be snapped from the center when collapsing so there is minimal cord stress. Do not pull the cords because it can tear the tent. If you are going to leave the tent up for a week or more, choose a location where it won’t be subjected to too much sun. Too much UV rays can damage it so place the tent near a shade. The tent should be cleaned with a mild soap and / or sponge. Do not clean the Red Canyon with harsh soap and don’t use a washing machine because it could damage the material. Never store the tent until it’s dry because mildew will set in. It’s also not a good idea to use high-pressure spray products because it could damage the fabric and leave stains on the tent, and these could be permanent.

My Verdict

As this Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent review has made clear, this is an outstanding tent. Coleman is no stranger to camping gear and this is one of their best efforts yet as it contains just about everything you could want: it’s easy to set up, is affordable, offers plenty of space, and provides privacy and durable too. The tent takes a bit more time to set up than other Coleman models, but given the size that’s understandable and when you consider its feature set, it’s hard to recommend another 8 person tent. Whether your family needs a large tent or you want something big enough for your outing with friends, this will do just fine.

Final Words

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is the epitome of what large tents ought to be. It’s big all right, but it does not compromise when it comes to quality and ease of set up. Coleman did a remarkable job with the design, and the Red Canyon earns points for being stylish too. It is a fact that a lot of large tents that say they are for 8 people can only fit 7, but with the Red Canyon space won’t be an issue as Coleman has produced a tent that takes the concept of camping out large to another level.


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