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Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

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A well made, well designed large tent is hard to come by especially when you factor in easy assembly and ventilation. Coleman covered all these bases with its 8 person instant tent making it an instant hit to many avid campers.

  • Design
  • Performance
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Spending time in the outdoors is fun and with the Coleman 8 person instant tent, the joys of camping is maximized even more as family and friends can sleep together in a single high quality tent. Being one with nature sometimes mean exposing oneself to the elements. But this tent from Coleman allows you to do this without risking bug bites through the night or being uncomfortably wet when it rains. A reliable outdoor shelter can make camping pleasant and amazingly comfortable. One of the most frustrating parts of outdoor adventures is sleep deprivation. With the right shelter option good sleep is can be guaranteed.

Design and Performance

The Coleman 8 person instant tent is made in the USA so its quality is assured. It has waterproof walls and welded floors so that you can be sure to be dry even in heavy downpours. It has 2 rooms with 2 doors and 7 windows for air to easily pass through, providing ample ventilation even during humid nights. The room division allows for privacy but it is also removable to better manage available space. The tent poles are pre-attached to the tent material so that setting it up can be done fast and easy.

Best suited for

This tent is best suited for a huge group of friends or for a big family. Because of its size there is no need to pitch a number of tents to accommodate everybody. This is a safer approach to camping and also more practical by making the campsite neat and orderly. Preparation for the camping trip is also made hassle-free because you only need to worry about a single shelter solution. This tent is great for tropical climates because of its expansive screened windows. Together with the two doors the tent can remain cool through the night. With a center height of 6.5 feet this tent is great even for tall people. There is enough head room to move inside comfortably.

Not so great for

This tent however is not so great for remote campsites. It is heavy (43 Ibs) thanks to its size and the sturdy posts that come with it. This makes it too bulky to be lugged around in rough terrain. When you choose to use this tent make sure your campsite is car accessible.


  • 150D material.
  • Made in USA.
  • Color Brown.
  • Spacious 8-person, 2-room tent designed for quick assembly.
  • 2 doors and 7 windows for full ventilation; removable divider between rooms.
  • Exclusive WeatherTec System Keeps you dry Guaranteed.
  • Keeps you dry Guaranteed.
  • Set up or take down any Instant Tent in a minute or less.
  • Fully-taped tent, no rain fly needed.
  • Heavy-duty fabric is two times thicker than standard tent fabric.
  • WeatherTec System, patented welded floors and inverted seams keep water out.
  • 14 ft. x 8 ft. (4.27 m x 2.44 m), fits eight people or two queen airbeds.
  • 6 ft. 4 in. height (1.93 m), room to stand and move.

Special Features

  1. The Coleman 8 person instant tent has the WeatherTec system which makes it a 100% water proof shelter.
  2. It has welded floors that can hold off moisture effectively that even in heavy rains its interior remains dry.
  3. It is very easy to set up as the external frame does not come apart. You do not lose structural poles along the way and you do not have to figure things out every time you need the tent up.
  4. The tent itself is made from a very strong material called 150D. This allows it to withstand high winds. This also makes it very durable that you can use it for many years even when it is often exposed to the harsh elements.
  5. It comes with its own carrying bag thus making it easy to store and transport.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive engineering - this is designed to sway with the wind allowing it to survive strong winds.
  • It is easy to set up - its attached main support structure allows it to be set up easily. You can even set it up on your own.
  • It is very spacious - the space inside is so huge that when you go back to using conventional 2-person tents you can end feeling claustrophobic. It has impressive dimensions that other large tents of its class would find hard to match.
  • You can stand inside the tent - the height of this tent allows you to go inside, stand, and move around freely. This is something uncommon even in the large tent category.


  • The pegs are too small - the pegs included in this tent are too small that it cannot give ample structural support. You can however replace these pegs and easily reinforce the tent's strength allowing it to withstand strong winds better.
  • The storage bag is small - the storage bag that comes with the tent is too small which makes it hard to squeeze it in inside after use.
  • Even when folded up it can still be large - the tent is still bulky even when folded up that you might have a hard time transporting it especially if you have a compact car.

Benefits you get when you use it

One of the key benefits of using this tent is the huge space it provides for campers as mentioned in a Coleman 8 person instant tent review. Because it has a rectangular shape rather than round the division of the interior space is easier to do plus it allows beds to be neatly shoved into the corners leaving more room for people to walk around. It is also very easy to set up thanks to its unconventional structural design that includes permanent posts and poles. No more inserting of flimsy aluminum supports as one would need to do when setting up conventional tents.

Summary of customers review

People who have used this tent rave about its roomy interior. One Coleman 8 person instant tent review also praised the superb materials used in the tent’s construction. The numerous windows are also lauded as these provide more than enough ventilation inside. Although there are no vents in its roof, the windows and the dual doors allow for air to circulate freely inside. Users are also impressed by the ease of setting up the tent even with its huge size. Perhaps the downside that many Amazon reviewers notice is the huge storage dimension of the tent. Even when already folded you still need a huge vehicle to transport it as this would not fit to most car trunks.

Step by step set up guide

  • Find a place that is ideal for your tent. It must be elevated enough so that it does not get flooded when it rains.
  • Get the tent out of its storage bag.
  • Lay out the tent on the ground so that you can easily see and access its support poles and posts.
  • Reverse the bend of the corners of the external frame so that the poles extend out and down. This is an important step to correct your orientation for setting up the tent. The tent is stored with the poles extending in and up.
  • Extend the telescopic poles that support the tent from the center out to its four corners until the poles snap to its fully extended width.
  • Extend the vertical poles as well until they snap to its fully extended height.
  • The side poles must also be extended until it snaps secure. This completes the basic set up so you should be able to see a well framed tent structure at this point of your assembly.
  • Use the tent pegs to secure the corners and sides of the tent.

Let’s take a look at the video for understanding the process of setting up much more clear

Tips for maintenance and usage

Although the Coleman 8 person instant tent is made from strong materials you still need to take care of it to make it last longer. Always store and transport it with its bag to prevent tears and other damage to its material. Be careful with the telescopic poles. Hyper-extending it or handling it roughly can damage it. Even a single damaged pole can affect your tent’s structural integrity. When one of these poles is not holding up weight as it should it affects the reliability of the whole tent especially in bad weather. Clean the tent as often as you should. Set it up in your backyard and wipe it with liquid soap. Rinse it with a lukewarm water solution. Last but not the least, when you need to pack your tent wet, be sure to set it up back at home and let it dry out before repacking it for storage. If there is dirt, clean it up with lukewarm water.

My verdict

Many a Coleman 8 person instant tent review you can read online agree that this is one of the most comfortable tents out in the market today. It is also very easy to set up, a pleasant surprise considering its size and weight. The divider in the tent also makes it easier to manage privacy concerns whether parents want to sleep on their own space or girlfriends want to sleep separate from the boys. It can also make the space inside multi functional. The dual doors make the divider practical as there is no need to disturb the people on the other side when you need to get out of the tent. My verdict is that this tent is worth your money to the last penny.

Final words

A well made, well designed large tent is hard to come by especially when you factor in easy assembly and ventilation. Coleman covered all these bases with its 8 person instant tent making it an instant hit to many avid campers. It is also made in the USA, a rarity in today’s many camping gears.


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