Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent – Is it Worth Buying?

coleman 6 person instant tent

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The tent is easy to setup in about a minute and it has exclusive WeatherTec System Keeps you dry Guaranteed.

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The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is one of the many tents that Coleman has manufactured, and currently it is among the bestsellers online. The 6 person tent is quickly becoming the preferred choice of families and adventurous campers because of the space they provide or should provide as not all of them deliver. The Coleman does, however, and it manages to provide the essential features without being difficult to set up. Of course, the same thing can be said for other tents, so this review is going to break things down and explain why this is the best instant tent.

Design and Performance

This is a spacious tent with enough room for six people to sleep in comfortably, and getting in and out of the tent is straightforward too. The floor material is exceptionally well-designed and works well as a tarp, though having a separate tarp is still a good idea. Made from 1500D polyester coated fabric and standing 6 feet tall in the center, the tent delivers a solid performance as it is seam-sealed.

Best Suited For

This Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent review agrees with many of the reviewers who say this is most suitable for camping in campgrounds or when the weather’s good and clear. It’s the perfect solution for families who need more space than a typical 4 person tent can provide, and it’s the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts who need more room. And if you’re tired of those cramped, stifling tents that choke you, the Coleman is something you will want to look at as there’s plenty of ventilation. By and large, the workmanship on the tent is of the highest quality and performance wise does very well.

Not So Great For

While this is the best instant tent, it’s not storm proof, and that’s to be expected as it is just a single wall and the rain fly is meant for regular rain. While it’s one of the more durable tents today, it’s not for heavy storms.


  • Color Brown/Black.
  • 150D/150D Polyester/taped seams.
  • Exclusive WeatherTec System Keeps you dry Guaranteed
  • Spacious interior has room for 2 queen airbeds; 10 x 9 ft. footprint, 6 ft. 2 in. center height.
  • Set up or take down any Instant Tent in a minute or less.
  • Fully-taped tent, no rainfly needed.
  • Heavy-duty fabric is two times thicker than standard tent fabric.
  • WeatherTecâ„¢ System, patented welded floors and inverted seams keep water out.
  • 10 ft. x 9 ft., (3.05 m x 2.74 m) fits six people or two queen airbeds.
  • 5 ft. 11 in. (1.8 m) height, room to stand and move.
  • Illumine reflective guy lines for greater visibility at night.

Special Features

  1. The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent has plenty of ventilation thanks to its four windows. The left and right sides have windows and there’s two more at the front and the back. The rear window is especially large and should provide good ventilation even if there are half a dozen people sleeping inside.
  2. There are two vents on the roof with zippers.
  3. There is enough room in the tent to fit a couple of queen sized beds, testament to how roomy the tent really is.
  4. No tent worth its salt will be without storage pockets, and this one has a couple where you can place your gear and other important items.
  5. The seams on the tent have full protection, which improves its ability to resist and deal with changes in the weather.
  6. The tent frame has been developed precisely so it’s capable of dealing with rain and the wind.

Pros & Cons


  • As this Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent review has indicated, this tent is easy to set up: a single person can set this up in five minutes.
  • The tent is very comfortable and the ventilation is just perfect when you're camping during those hot summer days.
  • As well ventilated as the Coleman tent is, it's flexible enough to keep you dry in case there's rain.
  • The tent fabric is waterproof.
  • The tent packs nicely and fits easily in the trunk of your car.
  • The tent poles are well-designed and should hold up even when used on a regular basis.


  • Some versions of the tent does not come with a rain fly.
  • While the tent is for six people, this is assuming they are of average height and build: in some cases the tent might be more sufficient for four or five people.
  • The Coleman only has two storage pockets. Since this is a tent built for six people, it seems odd there are only a couple of storage pockets available. The tent does have a hook where you can put a light, but a few more pockets would have been nice.
  • The two zippers leave a small gap.

Benefits You Can Get When You Use It

The reason this earns the nod of the best instant tent is the sheer comfort you get while using it. The tent is very comfortable and roomy at half the cost of other 6 person tents. If it’s too hot the Coleman will provide protection from the heat and if it rains, the seam sealed will keep you dry. In addition, the ceiling height 6 ft. tall- means you no longer has to worry about bumping your head when you get up. And as reviewers never get tired of pointing out, the tent is so easy to set up that petite people can do it.

Summary of Customers Review

The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent has gotten solid reviews online with plenty of 4 and 5 star ratings given to it. What most customers like about the tent is how easy it is to get the thing up and ready. Most customers also like the design of the tent and how much breathing room and space it provides for those who are using it. One of the more frequent complaints with large tents are there isn’t enough room for the people inside, but this one does. Customer reviews also agree that the tent holds its own when compared with more expensive products, with one reviewer saying the Coleman was able to keep them dry as well as their more expensive tents. While there are a few complaints and negative reviews here and there, the vast majority are in agreement that the tent is high quality.

Step by Step Setting Up Guide

This Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent review will now move on to the set up and it’s very easy.

  • Open the box and remove the folded tent. Remove the straps and take out the foam at the top.
  • While holding the center hub, let the fabric fall on the ground along with the poles.
  • Still holding the center hub, slowly pull the pole towards you, expanding the tent. This will be faster to do if there's someone assisting you, though a single person can do it.
  • You will notice that all the poles extend now.
  • Hold the little pole and keep extending it until you hear a click. The click signifies it's locked, so do that for all four poles.
  • Hold the hub section; pull the bottom up until you hear a click. Do this for all the six poles until you hear the click. After you do this six times, you are done.
  • Stake the tent and its set.
  • To fold the tent, you simply bring down the poles and pull the poles in. As the tent collapses, hold the center, bring the sides up, hold them together and roll the tent up.

Let’s take a look at the video for understanding the process of setting up much more clear

Tips for Maintenance and Usage

Even the best instant tent needs maintenance and this is no exception. Like other tents this should only be used on uniform surfaces so the floor doesn’t get damaged. Also make sure the tent doesn’t get too dirty: while you can wash these off, excess dirt could take its toll in terms of the fabric’s durability. In short, don’t litter or wet the tent’s interior. To simplify matters: treat the Coleman as if it were your home, and just as you want your place clean, handle the tent the same way as it’s your camping home. And while you’ve probably heard this before it’s worth repeating: be on the lookout for any sharp objects that might damage the fabric. The material is pretty solid, much more dependable compared to most of what is out there, but you ought to do your part and take care of it.

My Verdict

There’s a reason why many consider this the best instant tent today, and it has to do with its design. Quite simply Coleman has come up with a winner, a tent that’s very easy to set up and maintain, and it comes with all the features you would expect from a more expensive tent. When it comes to tents, you’ll want to get the most bangs from your buck and looking at the Coleman; those needs are clearly met and matched. Stylish, comfy and affordable, the Coleman offers value for your money in a way that few can match. This is a buy.

Final Words

The Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent is not just one of the finest instant tents, but one of the best tents period. When you go online and look for camping gear, you are going to find a lot of them say they are easy to use, but in fact, they are anything but. The Coleman 6 is an exception to this and it is one of those products that really live up to the hype. If you have been put off by those tents that are too expensive and take forever to set up, then the Coleman is what you need. I highly recommend this.


  1. Love this tent, up in 60 seconds. Yes not 100% weatherproof in a hard rain but light rain we’ve had no issues. Just bought the rain fly so will see if that helps in a hard rain. Don’t hesitate, BUY it!

  2. I’m an avid camper of over 40 years. This is the best tent I’ve ever owned. It has an optional rainfly you buy seperately. This allows you to open the windows about a foot during a light to medium rain. It also increases the tents strength with the four additional tiedowns. I’ve been in a storm with an estimated 40-50 mph gusts. The wall was blowing in about a foot while I held it scarely I might add, lol. I survived while all the other tents in the campground were destroyed. I also use 10″ stakes which makes a huge difference. The tent stayed dry through every rain. I’ve owned it three years now. I see the price fluctuating up and down greatly. I paid $139. I’ve seen it go as high as $219. at the same stores. One thing I like about it is you can seal it up 100% and use a heater in cold weather unlike these open top tents. Setup is a breeze. I use one queen airbed which uses half the space.


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