Camping: Does it Really Cost More Than Staying Home?

Camping Does it Really Cost More Than Staying Home

Many will argue that it costs a lot to go out camping and that it really isn’t worth going out and camping because you’re paying so much money just for a “crappy” campsite where you can throw down a tent and start a fire. It is true that it does cost more money that it probably should for a campsite, however, many things in life tend to cost more than they are really worth, however, does this mean that the value of the campsite doesn’t make it worth it?

Entertainment/Family Value

To me, camping is a family or social type of event; Most people don’t enjoy camping simply by themselves. In that, it is a very good time for some family or friendly bonding time away from the problems that most people face at home. The price that you’ll pay for the camping site isn’t going to be nearly as expensive as the things you would do to remain entertained for days on end at home would be. You figure, if you take 5 people on a camping trip, which is a pretty average number, for 3 days, the price may spike up to 150 at the highest for the campground, assuming you weren’t being completely smart about the campground decision based on cost. Now, compare that to the price of going out to eat, or going to the movies for 5, for 3 days and nights. The price of the campsite is much lower, not to mention you’re able to stay in the campsite for the entire 3 days, not just a few hours of each day.

Other Camping Costs

Some may complain that the extra costs of camping are what really get you. The food, ice, gas, etc. all really build up on you. This is true to an extent, however, many of these prices are not only negotiable, but they’re costs that you would be spending at home, anyways. Of course, you’re going to need to pay money for food on the camping trip, but you would hopefully be spending money on food if you were at home, anyways. Of course, you’ll need to buy gas for the stoves, and ice for the coolers, however, these prices are minimal and you can save on these prices by making your own ice prior to leaving. Also, remember that you would have to pay gas or electricity to cook at home anyways.

The cost of tents, coolers, lamps, chairs, and other camping supplies are really no different than supplies you would buy for any other hobby or fun type of activity. Please be aware that the supplies you buy for camping typically can last a lifetime if you take great care of them. If you look at it from that aspect, the materials you buy for camping are much cheaper than materials you buy and replace around the home on a daily basis. The 200$ expensive tent you bought for your entire family to sleep in while camping will only cost around 1$ per camp trip if you get multiple years uses out of it.

The Freebies of Camping

Please realise that there are actually some major freebies to camping. Many campgrounds offer access to beaches and pools that you would otherwise have to pay for. Also, many campgrounds offer free firewood, showers, and many other services that you would have to pay for if you were at home, and the entertainment value of these services is amazing.


Buying things like boats, campers, trailers, and other vehicles and ‘toys’ for camping really isn’t necessary, and shouldn’t be included in the expenses for a camping trip. People that buy these are only wishing to improve the rewarding experience of their camping trip. If you’re really that much into camping and it becomes a regular thing, buying big ticket items like these are probably worth it.


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