How to Buy Proper Camping Cookware for Your Camping Trip

Camping Cookware

If you bought a good camping tent, then it’s time to buy some quality camping cookware. There are many factors to consider when you go to buy cookware for your next camping trip. Take a look at your menu to see what kinds of food you are planning and how they need to be cooked. Are you serving fish and other delicate foods or are you planning to grill burgers? Take note of your method of cooking. Will you be cooking over an open fire or a camp stove? What facilities are available for washing your utensils? When you spend time outdoors, you want to be sure to get the most out of each piece of equipment you buy, including your cookware.

Anything you buy has to stand up to the rigours of outdoor life. You don’t want to bring your kitchen utensils as they could easily be ruined. You want cookware that is going to be versatile, so you don’t have to buy numerous bulky pieces and then find room for them in your gear.

Camping cookware comes in various materials, and there are some you want to avoid. Non-stick or Teflon coated cookware should be avoided. It is harder to regulate heat when you are camping. If your non-stick coating gets burnt it can leak toxins into your food. This could ruin your trip.

Stainless steel or titanium can be a better buy for camping cookware. Both of these offer strength and durability to withstand all that camping throws at them. Cookware made from these materials will be easy to clean up. The biggest disadvantage is they don’t distribute heat evenly, and food has a tendency to burn. Stainless steel is usually cheaper and easier to find so it won’t break your budget.

You can also buy camping cookware made of cast iron. While it is very durable and cooks evenly, it is massive. If you are setting up your camping site for the week, this material might work well for you. If you are on a hiking/camping trip, you’ll want to find something lighter.

Enamel works well for camping cookware and eating utensils. You can buy this lightweight, versatile equipment almost anywhere. It does not react with food, so it is very safe for cooking. Some enamel will have an aluminium core. If you buy this type, you will have to be careful that it does not get bent or chipped as exposed aluminium is not safe for cooking.

Camping is fun and enjoyable for millions every year. Preparing meals outdoors can be challenging. Whether you are planning chilli, burgers or a fish fry, you will need to buy the proper cookware. When you consider all the factors it is easy to decide on the type that will work best for you.


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