Best Cabin Tent Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best Cabin Tent Reviews

Shopping for the best cabin tent can be daunting for a new camper as you need to consider not just your needs but your family as well. Often times campers end up buying a tent bigger or smaller than what they need or are difficult to set up. To help you find the best cabin tent available today, use the following guide. To make it easier for you, this guide has been divided into several sections so you can quickly find what you are looking for. There are also detailed reviews of the best cabin tents for families you can buy.

What Is A Cabin Tent?

Family cabin tents are designed for families or groups of individuals who like to camp frequently or plan to. These are called “cabins” because of their shape, and should not be confused with dome tents as these are different. Just like other tents, however, these are sold in different sizes, though those for families are naturally larger and roomier. Most of them are versatile and can be used in different locations, though the materials used to construct them varies. Owing to their design, these tents provide sufficient protection from dirt, rain, wind, and the sun.

Why Would You Need a Cabin Tent?

You need the best cabin tent if your family plans to camp out for a while as they are sturdier than most tents. These tents are ideal for families who intend to camp overnight or for several days on the same spot, as the design and build to ensures stability. The best cabin tent is also suitable for campers who need to pack a lot of gear, as these offer plenty of room. If your family finds the standard dome tent too small and cramped, then you probably need a large cabin style tent.

Reasons For Choosing A Cabin Tent Over The Other Type

Family cabin tents have straight walls and make better use of space compared to other types, and this is especially true when it comes to the sleeping areas. With the extra space, you now have more room for cookers, coolers, tables, chairs and other accessories and gear. These tents also offer more headroom so tall campers don’t have to hunch over when they stand up. The best ones also come with large windows and even curtains or meshes, and the majorities have room dividers for privacy. In addition, these tents are made of solid materials that make them more resistant to wind and rain. The size of these tents makes them unsuitable for backpacking, but if you need a quality tent with room for the entire family, these will be more than sufficient. Now let’s look at the best available.

Our Pick for Best Cabin Tent

There is a lot of family cabin tent on the market. But for helping you we list the 5 best cabin tents from all of the cabin tents that are available in the market. Here they are

 Let’s look at a comparison chart of the best cabin tents.

Short Review Of Each Best Cabin Tent

Here is the short review of each best cabin tent that we selected for you. These reviews definitely help you to choice the best cabin tent that is best suited for you.

1. EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 – 4 Person Ten

EUREKA! Copper Canyon 4 - 4 Person Ten

The Eureka is one of the best cabin tents available for a family of four. Set up is as easy as the takedown, and it has many features that make camping convenient for the novice campers. One of the major features of the tent is the shock corded poles which use sleeves and clips to make set up easier. The following is an overview of the tent’s main features and what to expect from it.

Special Features

  • The tent has a generously sized 'D' Style door that makes entry and exit easy for everyone.
  • For ventilation, the tent has a well-designed roof vent and four windows, all of which combine to make the interior breathable.
  • Eureka tents are known for their solid built, and this is no different thanks to the steel / fiberglass frame.
  • The floor is factory sealed, and the seamless design ensures that the inside will remain dry even if it rains.
  • The fabrics have special polyester coating to ensure its longevity.
  • The tent has two mesh pockets where you can store various items.
  • The guy lines assist in securing the tent even if there is high wind.


  • Set up is easy.
  • The tent is roomy.
  • The Eureka can withstand 30 to 40 mph winds.
  • A rainfly is included so no need to purchase a separate one.
  • There is enough space to put two cots inside.
  • Has several windows.
  • High ceiling makes it ideal for tall people.


  • The zipper quality could be better.
  • Material should have been thicker.
  • Wall and floor use the same materials.

Why the Tent is One of the Best

  • The Eureka is well designed and can handle sudden wind gusts.
  • The tent offers very good protection from rain.
  • The frame support is one of the best in its class.
  • The rods are made from heavy duty fiberglass and should last.
  • As many reviewers have noted, this tent can take a beating.
  • You can put a chair, a sleeping bag and other items inside with plenty to spare.
  • It comes with several pockets for your stuff.

2. Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

This is one of the best cabin tents you will come across online, period. If your main criteria are usability, dependability and cost efficiency, the WeatherMaster will suffice. As you might expect the tent offers plenty of room, but aside from that the tent design makes setup a more convenient. Another notable element of the tent is its durability, but if you read the reviews below it will be clear why this is so.

Special Features

  • The WeatherMaster has a floorless screen room that will supply the tent with ventilation and can also be used to store camping gear and items.
  • Like other Coleman tents, the WeatherMaster has the patented WeatherTec System that ensures your family is kept dry.
  • The poles are made of high-quality 11-millimeter fiberglass.
  • The tent comes with a 75-denier polyester taffeta fly.
  • The 68-denier polyester mesh inner tent provides stability and breathability.
  • The tent has a 1,000-denier polyethylene floor.


  • The tent includes all the stuff necessary to set it up.
  • The Coleman tent is spacious and offers plenty of sleeping room.
  • There's a built-in lip to keep the rain out.
  • There is lots of standing room in this tent.
  • The windows provide ventilation.
  • You can use the zippered nylon wall to create separate rooms.
  • Pitching is easier compared to other tents of this size.


  • The tent isn't that hard to set up, but the instructions could be better.
  • The poles don't slide in as smoothly like those on other tents.
  • The plastic stakes don't look too durable according to some reviewers.

Why the Tent is One of the Best

  • There is lots of room here for a family of four.
  • The tent weighs 36 lbs. and that's a good thing as it means the tent won't get blown away by high winds easily.
  • The room divider doesn't just provide privacy, but you can use this to create sections for storage, sleeping, etc.
  • Overall build and quality is high.
  • The positive reviews indicate its quality.
  • The tent doesn't get hot inside even during summer.
  • The roof is well made and should keep you dry.
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3.Coleman Montana 8 Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

If you want to talk about the best cabin tent it’s impossible not to mention the Montana 8, as it exemplifies all the good things about family tents. Many have taken note of its polyester fabric, but there’s a lot more to this as the feature list will show.

Special Features

  • The tent windows are durable and have been strategically placed to keep rain and the wind out.
  • The cabin's engineering design provides more than enough room for families that camp frequently.
  • All the poles are color coded for easy reference.
  • The tent comes with a carry bag for the stakes and poles.
  • The Coleman Insta-Clip Pole Attachments have been designed to withstand sudden wind gusts.
  • A close look at the tent reveals that the pole sleeves are continuous, a good design choice as it makes set up much easier.
  • As you might expect, the tent has the Coleman WeatherTec System that keeps the tent and the people inside dry.
  • If you don't need the rainfly it's easy to take out, and the mesh room provides plenty of sunlight.
  • The walls don't slope as much so there's plenty of space to move around.


  • The tent can handle fair amounts of rain well.
  • The structure is made of solid materials.
  • The set up is not that difficult.
  • There is ample room inside for a group of four or five.
  • The floor material is of very good quality.
  • The zippers move smoothly and silently.
  • The front door is well-designed.


  • The ventilation is not as well implemented compared to other Coleman tents.
  • Some customers find the windows too small.
  • You need to read the instructions to set it up properly.

Why the Tent is One of the Best

  • This is a solid, well-rounded tent that can be used in different conditions.
  • The tent offers lots of room and privacy for families.
  • The materials used in the tent is high quality.
  • Durable enough for extended camping trips.
  • The hinged door design really makes access easy.
  • It's easy to attach and detach the rainfly.
  • The attachments are made to withstand winds.
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4. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

The Kodiak family cabin tents are meant to be used for all seasons, and for the most part this is true as the tent is made of heavy duty canvas with more than enough space for the family. Another benefit of the tent is the ease which you can set it up, but there is more as the information below will indicate.

Special Features

  • The tent is constructed of 100% cotton duck Hydra-Shield canvas, making it watertight, durable and breathable.
  • The Flex-Bow has two D doors on the rear and front for quick exit and entry, and the #10 YKK zippers work smoothly.
  • As many reviewers have noted, the windows are large and offer than enough ventilation even if eight people sleep inside the tent.
  • The canvas has been treated and custom woven for superior protection and performance, and the double-fill design is durable.
  • The tent also has a special silicone dry finish to keep the tent's interior dry. Even if there's a sudden downpour, the Kodiak won't leak and keep you protected.


  • There is lots of space for up to 8 people to sleep inside comfortably.
  • The Kodiak has a straightforward setup process.
  • The floor, ceiling and wall materials are solid and well made.
  • The tent frame is made from steel and holds up even if used continuously.
  • Many reviewers have used the tent for years and reported no problems.
  • There is enough space here for 3 cots.
  • Staking is quick and easy.


  • The tent is heavy.
  • If you're looking for a backpacking tent, this won't do.
  • A few reviews have complained of the poles' durability.

Why the Tent is One of the Best

  • The majority of reviews have been positive.
  • The set up is relatively easy considering the size.
  • The tent does an excellent job keeping the interior dry.
  • The tent material is very breathable and won't make you feel congested.
  • The Kodiak is sturdy enough to be used in different seasons.
  • With a ceiling of 6'6", walking upright will not be an issue.
  • The canvas is marine grade.
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5. Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn FamilyHunting Tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn is a solid candidate for the best cabin tent as it manages to combine ease of assembly with several safety and convenient features. This tent was designed for use in different weather conditions, and this becomes apparent when you go through its features. There are a lot of good family tents, and this is one of them.

Special Features

  • The tent has a weatherproof fly that helps keep the interior dry.
  • The floor seams and fly are both factory sealed for the utmost weather protection.
  • The zippers are extra-large so it is easier to open and close the doors.
  • As you would expect from cabin tents, the walls have an upward slope so there's more room to move inside the tent.
  • The wall divider lets you create two rooms inside the tent. You do have the option of removing this if you want just one large tent.
  • Apart from the superior ventilation, the tent also has pockets and half a dozen windows.
  • The floor weighs twice that of a typical tent, testament to its durability.


  • The tent's polyester construction is superb.
  • The tent provides plenty of sleeping space inside.
  • Assembly is straightforward.
  • Many reviewers agree the tent doesn't leak.
  • The back door can be used as an entry point for electrical connections.
  • Has room for three cots.
  • The tent windows provide ventilation.


  • The floor is thin.
  • A few reviewers say the tent doesn't handle heavy rains well.
  • Only has a few storage pockets.

Why the Tent is One of the Best

  • The tent's interior is huge, and you can see this for yourself in online reviews.
  • The tent is freestanding and won't buckle when the wind suddenly blows hard.
  • The design is very good; it's easy to enter and exit.
  • The UV protection is as good as those on other tents, if not better.
  • The safety and weather protection on the tent is as good as advertised.
  • The rainfly is one of the most efficient that Browning has come up with.
  • The tent compacts nicely when taking down.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Cabin Tent

Advantages Are:

  1. More room than dome tents: these tents can fit up to three mattresses. 
  2. Offers privacy: regular tents are too small and don’t provide enough personal space for those inside, but that’s not a problem with cabin tents .
  3. Allows families to carry more gear.
  4. The tents can be used in the rain and withstand strong winds.
  5. The materials used are high quality and have been specially coated to make them last longer compared to other tents.
  6. The poles are sturdy and don’t give way even if a high wind suddenly blows your way.
  7. Can be used for days on end, as these tents are like your home away from home. 

Disadvantages Are:

  1. These tents are heavier than their backpack and dome counterparts.
  2. They are heavy and cannot be used for backpacking. 
  3. Once set up, it’s going to be difficult to move the tent.
  4. Cabin tents consume more space than other tents even when taken down. 
  5. Transporting is not as convenient as it is with a backpack style tent.
  6. Usually more expensive than other tent types. 
  7. You need someone to help with the setup.

Tips For Keeping A Cabin Tent Good

Even the best cabin tents require proper maintenance, so read the instruction manual and follow what it says. Second, keep the tent as clean as possible, so this means keep your shoes outside the tent. It’s not just the dirt and grime, but the pressure brought on by hiking shoes can damage tent floors.
If there’s a tear on the tent, repair it as soon as possible. Before packing up, clean any leaves, stains, bird droppings or other stuff, washing with soap, water, and sponge if necessary. Check also if the tent is waterproof and do it yourself if necessary. Even if the tent is waterproof, it’s a good idea to reapply it particularly if the tent has been subjected to lots of heavy rain. It’s also a good idea to bring a tent maintenance kit when you go camping, just in case.
Last but not the least, your tent must be stored in a safe, clean place. Don’t just throw it in the garage because bugs or mice could damage it. After packing the tent, store it in a place where it will be safe from potential water damage, i.e., a clean closet or container.

Frequently Asked Questions Of A Cabin Tent

1. Are family cabin tents easy to set up?
Answer: Most of them are, you just need to follow the instructions.

2. What causes tent damage?
Answer: Excess dirt, sand, tears that are not fixed and harsh cleaning chemicals can damage a tent.

3. What’s the rainfly for?
Answer: The rainfly minimizes condensation.

4. Are these tents expensive?
Answer: They’re usually more expensive than dome tents, but costs have gone down.

5. How long do these tents last?
Answer: Usually 7 to 10 years, assuming usage is 2 to 3 times yearly (one use being 3 to 7 days straight). However, this will also depend on how well you take care of the tent and the conditions where it was used. Refer to the section above for maintenance.

6. What is the difference between 3 and 4-season tents?
Answer: A four-season tent is more durable because it has extra frame support. 3-season tents are durable, but the 4-season types can withstand more rugged conditions and environments.

7. Can these tents be used on rugged terrain?
Answer: It’s best to use these on a smooth surface to keep the tent flooring intact.

For Those Of You Who Are Still Unsure

If you’re still not sure which of the best cabin tents featured here to get, I would personally recommend the Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent and the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent.
All of the tents reviewed here are of the highest quality, but these two are really exceptional. One of the problems with most other cabin tents is they take forever to set up, but with the best cabin tent that won’t be an issue, especially with these two. They’re not only easy to set up, but has plenty of space for the family.

Final Words

Family cabin tents are designed to make camping easy and fun, and that’s precisely what you get with these products. If you have never bought a tent before for your family, it’s easy to get swayed or confused by all the claims they are the best. All too often they end up making a mistake and buy the wrong tent. That’s why we have compiled this guide to make it easy for you to find the best cabin tent for you. After all, one cabin tent might work for a certain family, but it might not suit yours so research is necessary.


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