Best 8 Person Tent Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best 8 Person Tent Review

The best 8 person tent should provide space and comfort without compromising on features and price. That’s the ideal scenario anyway, but how do you find the best 8 man tent from all the items being sold today? Instead of spending hours on the web trying to figure out which tent is the best, we have collected the best and most well-reviewed tents online. In addition, this guide includes a FAQ about 8 person tents, research tips, and other suggestions to help you find the ultimate tent. We have divided this buyer’s guide into several sections for your convenience.

Why Would You Need a 8 Person Tent?

You need the best 8 person tent if you camp with several family members or several friends. Smaller tents won’t do of course, and it is not practical to bring along two tents. Why bother buying two tents for 4 persons each when you can get a tent for 8 at a more affordable price? You will also need these tents if you pack a lot of gear when you are out camping. If you are new to camping and bringing your family out for the first time, convenience is a priority.

Comparing 8 Person Size Tents to Other Sizes

First of all, the best 8 person tent is easier to set up than ever before, and second, it’s just not fun camping in a cramped tent. Not only is it uncomfortable, but you won’t get any privacy. In addition, an 8 person tent offers more room and space for a queen sized bed or other large camping gear you may be interested in bringing. A large tent also offers better ventilation compared to a smaller tent, something you need to consider especially if camping out during the summer.

The biggest difference between an 8 person tent and others is the interior dimensions. Most of them measure around 17 x 6.5 x 10 ft., though there are variations. There is, in particular, a wide disparity when it comes to the ceiling height. Keep in mind that when the tent descriptions list the ceiling height, they are referring to the middle of the tent, the highest point in the unit. In 8 person tents and also the smaller one’s space inside refers to the number of people that can sleep in comfortably. When a tent for 8 people says it can fit a queen sized bed, it is an option: there is space for 8 people or a couple of bed mattresses. And even though they are all for 8 people, the actual space inside varies due to the different design.

Our Pick for Best 8 Person Tent

Here we make a list of 5 top rated and best 8 person tent. Let’s take a look at our best pick

Before going to short review of each tent we made a comparison chart of our selected 8 person tents. So that you can find an overall idea at a glance. Here it is

Short Review Of Each Best 8 Person Tent

Here is the short review of each best 8 person tent that we selected for you. These reviews definitely help you to choice the best 8 person tent that is best suited for you.

1. Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

coleman 8-person red canyon tent

Many consider this the best 8 man tent available and is understandable. Measuring  17 by 10 feet with a ceiling of 72 inches, it is more than enough for most campers, and it offers a great deal of flexibility.

Why Should You Buy it

The highlight here is the divider that enables you to create up to three separate areas, great if you have friends and family with you. For couples who use this tent, the divider can be used to designate areas for sleeping, gear, and other items. If you are tired of your stuff getting mixed up due to the lack of a divider, you're going to find this handy.It also helps the tent has shock corded poles and the venting is adjustable, so if it doesn't quite feel right inside the tent, it is easy to make adjustments. For these reasons, this is a buy.


  • The interior is roomy.
  • A rainfly is included.
  • There is enough space here for a queen, a full and twin mattresses at the same time.
  • The room dividers are detachable.
  • There's no need for a tarp.
  • Can withstand continuous downpour.
  • The mesh ceiling can be used as storage.


  • Some customer reviews say the does not hold up well in the cold.
  • The zippers look nice but according to a few reviewers is not as durable as others.
  • The tent does not come with a vestibule.

Best For

  • The tent is best used during fair weather.
  • The tent can deal with rain so it's usable even during cloudy days.
  • Perfect for camping trips with friends.
  • Great for camping with the family during weekends.
  • The tent is best set up on a flat even surface, but it holds up well in other locations.
  • If you like to camp heavy and pack the essentials and more, this is a good choice.
  • The tent can be set up on camping grounds, the woods and other types of terrains.
  • While made for up to 8 people, couples or groups of 3 or 4 will find the extra space useful.
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2. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14′ X 10′)

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

This is a large tent made for up to 8 people, and with two rooms, offers privacy and flexibility. Like other Coleman tents, this is easy to assemble as the poles are already attached, requiring less work on your part. As many reviewers have noted, set up takes only a minute.

Why Should You Buy it

As was mentioned above, the tent provides privacy and space, so even if you are camping with other people, you won't feel congested. This is especially important if you are into summer camping. If you are worried about space there is no need to be since the tent has dimensions of 17-by-nine (W x D). One of the more common complaints of campers is they cannot stand up inside due to the low ceiling, but this one has a center height of 6 ft. 10 inches, more than sufficient for most campers today.


  • The Coleman is easy to set up.
  • The tent does a decent job keeping the people inside dry.
  • There are lots of windows inside the tent.
  • You can divide the tent into two rooms.
  • The Coleman tent sways when there's a wind but doesn't falter.
  • The materials used for the construction are well made.
  • The tent offers good value for your money.


  • The carry bag is a bit small.
  • The tent is little bit heavy.
  • The L-shaped pegs cannot withstand very heavy winds.

Best For

  • This tent is perfect for campers who need privacy.
  • Suitable for campers who need a no-frills tent that is easy to assemble.
  • The WeatherTec system makes the Coleman tent an all-around performer.
  • Versatile enough to be used in fair weather as well as the rain.
  • Frequent campers will savor the fact that it only takes a few minutes to set up.
  • Perfect for campers who don't want to be bothered by complicated setup instructions.
  • It's also the ideal solution for campers who want privacy yet still have room for friends.
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3. Coleman Montana 8 Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Tent

The Coleman Montana 8 is available in three colors, green, black and blue. Regardless which color you choose, the features and benefits you get are the same, and each one comes in a well-designed package so it is easy to unwrap.

Why Should You Buy it

Aside from being spacious, the Montana also has a door awning that shields the inside from the sun or rain. Second, the tent is more affordable than others in its class, but it does not compromise when it comes to quality and performance. Third, a family of four or five will enjoy the extra space as it is more than enough even if you camp with a lot of stuff.The tent is also well-designed, and while it is nothing flashy, space and comfort are very much present. If that is what you are looking for, the Montana delivers. It has all the features you would expect from a high-quality family tent, plus a bit more.


  • The tent is made from durable polyester.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The tent is well ventilated.
  • Even when full, there is sufficient sleeping room for everyone.
  • The tent only takes a few minutes to take down.
  • The angle windows do a great job keeping the rain out.
  • There is an electrical access port if you decide to bring a gadget along.


  • Some people find the entrance a bit narrow.
  • There are only two vents built in, whereas other tents have more.
  • May be difficult for a single person to set it up.

Best For

  • The tent's large size makes it ideal for family car camping.
  • Suitable for large families who need a dependable tent.
  • The Montana is designed mainly for fair weather use, but it holds up well even if there is rain.
  • This is best for campers that need lots of space for their friends or gear.
  • The tent is frequently used by scout leaders too.
  • Great for camping out for extended periods.
  • The electrical access makes this a top option for those who can't camp without their electronic devices.
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4. Wenzel Klondike Tent – 8 Person

Wenzel Klondike Tent - 8 Person

The Wenzel Klondike Tent is one of the best 8 person tent units for the family today. Dome shaped and spacious, the Klondike comes with a screen room and is constructed from polyester with weather-repellent polyurethane coating. Apart from being large, the tent is also secure and can withstand some pretty strong winds. While some tents tend to break down after a few gusts, the secure fitting of the tent keeps this firmly on the ground.

Why Should You Buy it

The tent is not just spacious, but it's durable too thanks to the double-staked Power corners that give it stability. The aforementioned screened area can also double up as another sun-room or sleeping area. The set-up only takes a few minutes provided you another person to help you, and the mesh ceiling and large windows make it a good choice if you want to do some stargazing.The tent is large enough to put a king sized mattress in, and the ceiling is high enough you can stand without hunching over. The two rooms provide plenty of flexibility; other family members can use them, and it can double up as a storage room for your shoes, clothes, bags and so on.


  • There is plenty of room in the tent.
  • The set up is easy.
  • There is a floor built in.
  • The screen room is easy to close.
  • Lots of windows enhances ventilation.
  • Construction is solid.
  • Beautiful design.


  • The spacious interior means it's going to take a while for two bodies to warm up.
  • The tent is a bit heavy.
  • Requires a smooth surface for the best setup.

Best For

  • The large interior makes it suitable for large families.
  • The tent is best set up on a smooth camping ground.
  • Perfect for camping during the spring and summer.
  • The tent is ideal for serious campers who need a dependable structure.
  • Appropriate for extended camping.
  • The extra room makes it ideal for campers who like to pack heavy.
  • The tent is well suited for all campers who need plenty of space.

5. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

The Kodiak Canvas deserves to be mentioned in any best 8 man tent discussion because it is well made. The canvas has the Hydra-Shield element that enhances its durability without compromising breath-ability, plus it is easy to set up as well.

Why Should You Buy it

This is one of those few tents that actually deliver even when it is raining. The unit is well constructed and even if there is a downpour you will not get wet. In addition, the tent has twin doors that make it more convenient to get in and out of the structure. The windows are large and well placed, something you would expect from a well-made tent, and there are tunnel flow vents that keep the temperature inside the tent at the appropriate level.Furthermore, the tent is spacious and breathable, so even if there are a total of eight people sleeping in the tent, it does not feel crowded. If you're looking for a large tent that will keep your companions comfortable, this is it.


  • The interior is spacious.
  • The Hydra-Shield canvas is durable.
  • The 6'6" ceiling height is more than adequate.
  • The tent holds up well against strong winds.
  • The tent can handle rain and even a bit of snow.
  • The tent is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Comes with a carry bag.


  • The side walls slope quite a bit.
  • The floor lifts up in some areas.
  • The poles are quite heavy.

Best For

  • The tent is suitable for families that camp out a lot.
  • The tent has more than enough room for heavy gear.
  • The Kodiak is great for camping during hot summer days due to its ventilation.
  • Although the tent is not suitable for heavy snow, it is durable enough to deal with the occasional snowfall.
  • The tent is suitable for couples who like to pack a lot of gear.
  • A family of four that carry plenty of equipment, need the room or take their pets along will savor the extra space.
  • This tent is stable enough for use in different locations.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of a 8 Person Tent

Advantages Are:

  1. Lots of space for people or gear, and for many this is the biggest selling point of these tents.
  2. These tents come in different styles.
  3. Can withstand changing weather more effectively than smaller tents.
  4. Usually has a higher ceiling than smaller tents: most of them have a top ceiling of at least 6.5 feet in the middle.
  5. Offers good value for money: if you read customer reviews of the better-designed tents, you will see that most of them last a long time and deliver where it counts.
  6. Cheaper than buying two 4-person tents.
  7. Most are durable and built to last.

Disadvantages Are:

  1. More expensive than 6 person and smaller tents.
  2. Owing to their size, these tents are heavy and not suitable for backpacking. 
  3. Set up often requires the assistance of another person. 
  4. These tents vary in terms of lifespan: however, this also depends on how well taken care of the tent is.
  5. A few large tents have low-quality poles, so you need to do some research and find the best options available. 
  6. Price range can vary significantly depending where you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions Of A 8 Person Tent

1. How heavy are these tents?
Answer: The weight varies, so you need to check the product description.

2. Is the rainfly included?
Answer: In most cases it is, but make sure you are reading the right make and model.

3. How much space is available inside?
Answer: A typical 8 person tent allows up to 8 people to lie down with enough wiggle room. However, differences in design means some tents will have more room than others.

4. How are these tents maintained?
Answer: Details are provided in the instruction manual, but usually soap and water will do. Read the user guide first, however, as it might contain more specific instructions.

5. Can tears be repaired?
Answer: Duct tape, sealants and adhesive patches may be used to fix small tears.

6. Why is there condensation in my tent?
Answer: That is usually brought about by the weather or the ground where you set up the tent.

Do Your Research

The best 8 person tent comes down to your needs. A family of four or five may need this tent for all the gear while a group of 7 or 8 that pack light will find it suitable. It’s really up to you.
Start your research with the essentials like how much space you will need, how often you will use it and your budget. Next, read the product specs and if fits your requirements. Also, don’t forget to gather customer feedback and recommendations from your friends if they have used a tent before, as that will help. It’s also a good idea to take stock of the camping gear that you will be bringing along so you don’t have to guess later on if it will fit.
Also, don’t forget to take your height and those of the people coming with you into consideration, as a short ceiling is going to be very inconvenient. If take all these into account, you’ll end up with a quality tent.

My Recommendation

Each one of the products reviewed here deserves to be included in any best 8 person tent list, but if you want the most bang for your buck, I would recommend the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent & Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent. These two are equipped with the features you would expect from a well-made tent, namely high quality, reliability and ease of use.
The features of these two tents have already been detailed above so there’s no need to repeat them here. Suffice to say that when it comes to performance, dependability and quality, you cannot go wrong with either of the two. If you’re in the market for a good sized tent, try them.

Final Words

There was a time when searching for the best 8 man tent meant going to the stores and just buying what is available, but now you have more options. If you have purchased other tents before, it’s not going to be difficult to determine what you need, but if this is a first for your family, it can be daunting. Hopefully, the reviews given here as well as buying guides have made it easier for you to make the right decision. Rather than go in blindly, now you can shop with confidence as you’re armed with the right information.


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