Full Review Of Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent

coleman prairie breeze 9-person cabin tent

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It can comfortably accommodate nine people. Made from high quality material, its main fly seams are factory sealed.A Great Buy For a Family of Campers.

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Are you interested in learning more about the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-person cabin tent? This tent is getting a lot of rave reviews from families and individuals who love camping out. Of course, one thing you’ll like is that it comes from a reputable brand. Through the years, people have come to associate the name Coleman with quality camping products. Coleman tents are known to be well-designed and built. Tents from the said brand can stand the toughest outdoor conditions, and come in different forms like cabin tents to pop-up tents. In this Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-person cabin tent review, we’ll take a look at how this tent can make your outdoor trips safe and comfortable.

Design and Performance

The Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-person cabin tent provides a spacious and comfortable sleeping environment in the wilderness. It can comfortably accommodate nine people. Made from high-quality material, its main fly seams are factory sealed. The seams are also welded to ensure that these would withstand even the most punishing of weather conditions like strong winds. Moreover, it has a LED light and fan system that can provide illumination and allow air circulation inside the tent. It is also strong enough to resist winds and rain so you won’t have to worry about your family members getting wet and cold during a storm whenever you are outdoors.

Best Suited For

This tent is obviously best suited for use extended camping of big families. With enough space to accommodate 9 adults and up to two queen size beds, the tent is great for big families who love to camp out. It has enough space to house your miscellaneous items like bags and sleeping materials. Since it is waterproof, the tent can also be used during the rainy season, or even at beaches. It also comes with a rain fly that you can use to adjust the tent’s roof during a rainy day or night. This tent is also tough enough to withstand storms and winds, so you can rest well anytime after a grueling trek.

Not So Great For

This tent is not exactly made for use in cold weather. It lacks tent wind barriers or windbreaks that can dispel potentially strong and icy winds. Said barriers can also form a protective barrier around the tent, resisting storms that often form in freezing climates.


  • Cabin design with vertical walls for more living space.
  • Great for family car campers, scout leaders, extended camping trips.
  • Integrated CPX® 6 compatible fan and LED lighting system operates on 4D batteries or one CPX® 6 cartridge.
  • Light alone: 75 lumens on high with 195-hour run time.
  • Fan alone: 26-hour run time on high; 34-hour run time on low.
  • Light and fan: 75 lumens and 20-hour run time on high; 75 lumens and 27-hour run time on low.
  • WeatherTec System - patented welded floors and inverted seams keep water out.
  • Detachable rain fly for weather protection, mesh roof for more sunlight.
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup.
  • 6 over sized windows provide enhanced ventilation.
  • Easy, 15-minute setup with color-coded poles.
  • Carry bag with separate sacks for poles and stakes.
  • 14 x 10 ft.
  • 7 ft. center height.

Special Features

  1. The tent stays cool and the people inside it are always comfortable, especially during the summertime due to its six oversize windows.
  2. It has an integrated fan and LED lighting system that provides enough illumination and facilitates air circulation.
  3. The WeatherTec System is designed to enable the tent to withstand different weather conditions, particularly rain. It has welded floors and inverted seams that keep water out of the tent.
  4. The detachable rain fly that provides added protection against the weather. It can also be helpful in cracking the windows during a storm without getting wet.
  5. It is easy to set up, with color-coded poles that can cut down set-up time to around 15 minutes.
  6. It comes with a carry bag and sacks for poles and stakes to make handling and storage of the poles/stakes easier.
  7. The tent has small zipper opening in two corners which allow users to bring electric supply in either side.

Pros & Cons


  • Huge enough to accommodate 9 individuals and even 2 queen size beds. It is so spacious that you can separate it into two rooms.
  • Easy to transport with a carrying bag for the tent and separate sacks for the stakes and poles.
  • Light and fan system that aids in air circulation and illumination.
  • Easy to set up. According to Coleman, the tent can be assembled in around 15 minutes given the snag-free, continuous pole slides of the tent.
  • Rain fly that lets users adjust the roof accordingly during rainy weather.
  • Lots of windows that can help in circulating air inside the tent.


  • It can be tricky for one person to set it up, although not impossible at all. Expert campers can do it in 20 minutes, but those who aren't might take around 30 minutes or more to do so.
  • While there is a fan system, don't expect it to provide enough ventilation during hot days. The fan isn't strong enough to make things comfortable for campers during the summer season.
  • The door zippers may seem tricky at first. But once you learn how to close the zippers properly, it should seal well.
  • Coleman does not sell/offer replacement parts of the unit, unlike other tent manufacturers and their tent models.
  • This is not for cold weather.

Benefits You Can Get When You Use It

There are many benefits you can get from owning the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-person cabin tent. One is that you can enjoy camping with your entire family with this tent because it is spacious enough to accommodate 9 adults. You can also divide the tent into two rooms, or bring in two queen size beds inside for your comfort. As you would learn from reading a Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-person cabin tent review, this tent is easy to set up. With some help from your partner or a friend, you can assemble this tent in around 15 minutes. Once you are inside the tent, there is enough illumination provided by the LED light and fan system of the tent. Just don’t expect the fan to be strong enough to make your stay inside the tent more comfortable.

Summary of Customers Review

Most of the reviews have said that this is one of the best tents from Coleman. One reviewer mentioned that he was not disappointed by the tent and was especially happy that it took him just 15 minutes to set up the tent, with help from no more than two people. Some have mentioned how happy they were that the tent is roomy, with windows everywhere so air can come inside the tent. They also liked the functional zippers and the design of the tent. Others agree that the tent is easy to set up although they note that one person can’t do it alone that fast. Given the size of the tent, two or two more people are needed to set up the tent. Most reviewers also agree that the fan isn’t strong enough to provide comfort on hot days so they recommend bringing in another fan during the summer season.

Step by Step Guide in Setting Up

  • Extend a long parachute cord between two trees.
  • Put the rain fly over the parachute cord and spray it with waterproof spray.
  • Proceed to assemble the tent. Start by placing a large mat or tarp under the tent to protect its floor against rocks, and then roll the tent out.
  • Insert the rods in three locations, before placing an ice chest inside the tent just under the intersecting points of the rod. This would create the roof angle.
  • Insert the rods into the corner brackets.
  • Insert the poles. Look for the small hole in one of the corner poles, which is intended for the rain fly. This hole is also to be on top of the bottom pole, with the center hole to be at the top of the upper pole.
  • Connect clips to poles.
  • Move the rain fly to one side of the tent, after it has dried after spraying it with waterproof spray.
  • Disconnect the parachute cord from the tree and tie two clips of the rain fly.
  • Place the parachute cord over the tent, then pull away the rain fly over the tent.
  • Connect the rain fly to the poles.

Tips for Maintenance and Usage

To keep the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-person cabin tent in tip top condition, use a ground cloth every time you put up the tent. Others would bring a tarp and place this under the tent so that the flooring won’t get cut on rocks and sticks. This should help in extending the life of the flooring. You can also add tent rain repel before you use this tent outdoors. Don’t pull the tent floor too as it would put a lot of stress on the zipper.

My Verdict

Coleman is one of the most trusted names when it comes to camping equipment, and it once again proves that with the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-person cabin tent. As you may read in another Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-person cabin tent review, the tent is spacious enough for nine individuals plus two queen size beds. It is also fairly easy to set up, and can be relied upon to protect users against various weather conditions like rain and heat. However, it does have its shortcomings like its fan system not strong enough to provide comfort during a hot day. Still, for all its good features, this tent is a good buy.

Final Words

Camping should be fun and enjoyable. And to make the most out of that experience, you would want to bring your family or close friends. You don’t have to worry about space with the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-person cabin tent. It has the size to accommodate an entire family or a group of fun-loving friends. This tent is very easy to set up, which makes it appealing to families who aren’t really used to camping, or just starting to appreciate camping out. With all these great features, this tent is highly recommended to experienced and neophyte campers alike.


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