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Best Family tent


These days there’s no shortage of manufacturers that claim to offer the best family tent, but which one should you get? Buying on the Internet can be as simple as making a few clicks but before you can do that, you’ve got to make sure you’re actually getting the right tent. Just like when buying any product, research is essential to make sure you make the right decision.

The first thing that comes to mind when family tents are mentioned is size, but there are things you have to mull over carefully so you’ll get the best value for your money.

Who Needs a Family Tent?

A tent is for any family who likes to camp out and spend time together outdoors. At a time when technology seems to be crowding everyone, parents and children included, it’s nice to get away from it all every once in a while and be with nature so to speak. When you’re out camping, however, you need the best family camping tent to keep you comfortable.

Whether it’s your first time to go camping or it’s the umpteenth, your family requires a good tent to accommodate everyone and all the stuff you’ll bring along. And that’s what this guide is for, to help you out.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Family Tent

It’s always difficult to select the best family tent because of your demand as well as the tent’s facilities. But we make a short list of 5 best family tents for you. That will help you to sort out the best family tent that is suitable for you. Let’s look at a comparison chart of the best family tents.

Short Review Of Each Best Family Tent

Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

coleman sundome 4-person tent

The Sundome is one of the best family tents today, with its polyester construction one of the most durable in its class. Four people can sleep in the tent and is equipped with sturdy fiberglass poles.

The floor is 1000D polyethylene and there’s plenty of room in the interior for people to move around. There’s an electric access port, rainfly awning to keep you dry and storage pockets for your gear. Like other Coleman tents, the Sundome comes with the WeatherTec system that prevents water from getting into the tent.

In addition, the Sundome has Insta-Clip attachments that can withstand a great deal of wind. The Sundome 4-Person Tent has a footprint of 9 ft. x 7 ft. and a center height of 4 ft. 11 in. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and a carry bag for convenient transport. The tent is also available for 2, 3 & 6 persons. These are equally good as the 4 persons.

What Amazon Customers Thought About This Tent

Reviews on Amazon have been positive. From the reviews of the customers, we point that the tent has nice, smooth zippers and it’s easy to light and just as convenient to pack. The Sundome took less than 10 minutes to set up and also very much easy to set up. It was  very comfortable and you can put a chair inside the tent without any trouble.

Other reviewers have given it positive reviews as well, with most expressing satisfaction with strength and design. Most of the reviews give you an indication of how good and reliable the tent is.

Coleman 6 person Instant Tent


coleman 6 person instant tentThis 50D/150D polyester tent has room for six people and with a footprint of 10 x 9 ft. more than enough room to keep everyone comfortable. Like other Coleman tents the poles are already assembled so it won’t take long to set the tent up. There are many of ways to describe these tents, but what it all comes down is they’ll keep you dry.

One of the primary features of the Coleman is its WeatherTec system because the inverted seams and the welded flooring is going to keep your tent from getting wet. Furthermore, the Coleman also has illumine reflective guy lines that provide more visibility during the night. In addition, the tent has a vented rainfly built-in that provides protection from sudden weather changes.

The Coleman also comes with protected seams and Velcro attachments, and the fabric is weather resistant too so you don’t have to worry about getting wet while it’s raining.    In addition, each tent has waterproof floors, a frame that’s designed to withstand the wind, and full zipper protection as well. Like other Coleman tents, this comes with a warranty against defects. The tent is also available for 4 and 6 persons

What Amazon Customers Thought About This Tent

Based on the customers review, we point out that the tent only takes one person to set the tent up. Once the tent is ready, the ventilation it provides is good and the windows are much larger compared to other tents.

There are a lot of reviews on the Coleman 6 Person online, and they all agree that it’s convenient to use and holds up well even in varying weather conditions. While Coleman has several tents available, this is one of those that has received the highest positive feedback. After reading these reviews there is no doubt that Coleman 6 person instant tent is one of the best family tents on the market.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

coleman 8-person red canyon tent

The Coleman Red Canyon has been specially designed for families that love to camp regularly, and this is evident from the design and dimensions. Measuring 17 by 10 feet and with a center height of 72 inches, the Red Canyon accommodates those that are tall and want more room to enjoy the fresh air.

The tent comes with room dividers that allow you to separate the unit up to three rooms, perfect for those times when family members need some privacy. Just like the rest of Coleman tents, this has the WeatherTec System so you will always be kept dry even if it rains. In addition, the Red Canyon is equipped with shock corded plates and instructions that anyone can follow.

Each tent also has a Cool-Air Port complete with Variflo adjustable venting so you have control over access gear and the airflow. As the name makes clear, the tent provides you with enough room for eight people to sleep. Because of its features and dimensions, the Red Canyon is more than suitable for extended camping trips. If you want an exact 8 person family tent then Coleman Red Canyon tent is one of the best family tents on market.

What Amazon Customers Thought About This Tent

Customers who bought the Red Canyon are happy with its performance. In spite of the size, customers had no issues setting up the structure, and the tent is spacious and roomy. One customer put the tent to the test by using it during the rain and it passed with flying colors. The tent had no problems getting up. Most of the customers are very satisfied with the tent.

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent

coleman weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent

The aptly named WeatherMaster was manufactured expressly for large-scale family camping adventures. With dimensions of 17 x 9 ft. and 6 ft. 8 in. center height, it’s clearly meant for extensive and expansive use.The WeatherMaster has polyester taffeta 75D 450mm PU coating and has the patented Coleman WeatherTec system that offers full protection, plus the well-designed rainfly serves as extra protection from the sun. The mesh roof meanwhile, keeps insects and other pests away from the tent, and the unique door design gives you quick exit and entry points.

Much has been said about the ease by which you can set up Coleman tents, and the WeatherMaster is no exception. All the poles are color coded for easy reference, and there’s a 1 year warranty on the product as well. Like the other tents made by Coleman, this one is easy to set up and one person can get it done. In the Q&A section of Amazon reviews, you will see that once you’re familiar with the process, set up will take just a few minutes. If you’ve used other tents before, setting up the WeatherMaster will be even faster.

What Amazon Customers Thought About This Tent

There are many reviews of the WeatherMaster on Amazon and most report a good experience with the tent. we point out some advantages from the customer reviews. The tent is easy to setup, and that the setup involves just three poles and you’re done. Another customer remarked how spacious the WeatherMaster is, allowing them to put a couple of queen sized mattresses inside and even posted photos to prove it. Many reviewers have also given the WeatherMaster positive feedback and expressed satisfaction with its performance even when it’s raining.

Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn FamilyHunting Tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent is one of the most spacious and feature packed tents online. With a base size of 10′ x 15′ and a ceiling of 7’3, the Big Horn was designed so your family and friends can savor the joys of camping even if the weather changes.
The spacious interior of the Big Horn means there’s plenty of room for everyone, and the extra high ceiling means no more crouching around. The tent also comes with a wall divider so you can have two rooms, and with the 150D oxford floor you can expect it to last a long time. The tent is also freestanding, and with two generously sized doors so those inside will have no trouble entering or exiting the tent. furthermore, the tent comes with all the components you need such as the poles, stakes, mesh pockets and more. 

What Amazon Customers Thought About This Tent

Considering the high-end features of the Big Horn and its affordable price, it’s not surprising that most of the reviews have been positive. The tent took only 15 minutes to set up and there was more than enough room. Several images were also posted along with some review to show how spacious it is.
The Big Horn is roomy and offers very good ventilation, and from the looks alone is indicative of its good quality. The same sentiments were echoed by other customers who said the tent stood up well even against gale winds. The Big Horn is of solid construction. Many of the reviewers also say the customer support offered by Browning for the Big Horn is exceptionally good.

Tents You may Also Check

There are a lot of tents on the market. But selecting a tent for your family based on all criteria is so much difficult. So you may also check the following tents along with the tents we suggested above. They are also good in quality and moreover these tents may also fulfill your all requirements like if you have a large family with more than 10 members or you have an odd number of family members like 5 or 9. These tents are 

  1. Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent
  2. Coleman prairie breeze 9-person cabin tent
  3. ozark trail 12-person 3-room instant cabin tent

Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent

Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent

This polyethylene tent provides enough room for 4 to 5 people to sleep in, and at 10 x 6 x 8 feet (W x H x D) and 13.65 pounds, very convenient to use and set up is easy. Suisse Sport has produced a lot of tents, and this is one of their best efforts yet.

One of the main features of the Yosemite is its divider, allowing you to divide the tent into two and offer privacy for everyone. For your convenience the Yosemite is equipped with a Double D door so getting in and out of the tent is quick and easy. One of the more frequent complaints with tents is the lack of privacy, but with the Yosemite’s divider, you can put on the divider on, and if you want more room, remove it later.

The tent also has a four point rainfly to keep everyone dry if it rains. And if you’re in a warm climate, there’s no need to worry about ventilation because the Yosemite has a mesh ceiling and the windows have mesh as well.

What Amazon Customers Thought About This Tent

Reviews for the Yosemite are mostly positive. The Yosemite is easy to set up and the door makes it convenient to get in and out of the tent. Another reviewer pointing out that in spite of its low price it’s very effective. In the review, it was also pointed out the tent had many other features such as an electric cord access point, light loop, and pockets, and that it offers great value for the money.

Other reviews posted online agree with the sentiments above, with most happy with the ventilation, ceiling and design.

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent

coleman prairie breeze 9-person cabin tent

The Coleman Praise Breeze is one of the largest tents online, and with space for up to 9 people is perfect for large families or if you’re camping with friends. But there’s more to this than just size however as it also has other features that make it stand out from the rest.

This 9 person tent is fitted with durable seems that have been sealed at the factory and welded so those inside the tent don’t get affected by the weather outside. There’s also a LED fan system installed in the tent to keep you cool (batteries not included), and most important for families, there is enough space for individuals to be comfortable inside the tent.

Coleman tents are known for their quality seams and this is no exception. The seams are waterproof and the rainfly has also been sealed at the factory so you won’t be susceptible to changes in the weather.

What Amazon Customers Thought About This Tent

Given these features, it’s not surprising that customer reviews have given this the thumbs up. The Coleman is simple enough for anyone to do, and the tent is as spacious as advertised. The reviews also pointed out the tent has several windows that should provide everyone with more than more ventilation.

The tent is indeed waterproof and that when the guy lines are used, the tent is capable of withstanding strong winds. The tent is made of high-quality material and can be separated into two rooms. The reviewer also said it was the best one they had tried as a group, and this is the testament to the tent’s quality.

Ozark Trail 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

ozark trail 12-person 3-room instant cabin tent

For some families the 4 or 5 person tent is enough, but what if you’ve got a big family or want to bring some friends along? In that case you’ll need something like the Ozark Trail 12 person tent, and as the name makes plain, there’s enough room here for 12 people, making it one of the largest tents online. I Think it is one of the best big camping tents on the market.

This cabin tent measures 16′ x 16′ so space won’t be a concern here, and in fact you can fit 3 queen air beds inside comfortably. There are 7 windows, each one closable, and setting up the Ozark Trail takes only a couple of minutes. While other cabin tents are notorious for being difficult to set up, the Ozark Trail does not require any assembly as the poles are already attached on the main structure.

All you have to do is unfold the Ozark and it’s good to go. Once the tent has been extended, you will see that it has three rooms and all the sides have windows, and there’s space for people to stand up. Furthermore the Ozark comes with a couple of room dividers, and there’s a ground vent for an AC if you decide to use one.

What Amazon Customers Thought About This Tent

Reviews for the Ozark are mostly positive, with most of the customers giving it 5 stars. Much of the praise has been directed at the design. The tent got props for the setup and the space available. The tent doesn’t leak and that he highly recommends it, a sentiment shared by other customers.

What Types of Family Tents Are There?

If you’re looking for the best family tent, there are general types to choose from: dome, instant and cabin. Before you look at the various brands, knowing the options is necessary. While tents may have the same general appearance and purpose, their structure varies.

Instant Tent

Instant tents have a long, coiled spring within the fabric, and when the frame is adjusted, the tent assumes a circular shape. By simply releasing the spring the frame transforms the bag into a tent, one that’s practical and quite elegant. These tents are sold in a wide array of styles and colors, but more than anything, families find their convenience attractive.


  • Widely available.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The larger ones have space for up to 5 people.


  • Not as durable as other tents.
  • Some are just big enough for children.

Best For

  • Camping in good weather.
  • Best if you're camping for a night or two.

Cabin Tent

 Also known as walled tents, these are generally large units and resemble cabins in shape. The walls are perpendicular and owing to their built, much more solid than other tents. The design also allows for bunked cots to be added. These are the largest of all tent types and usually, come with a lot of features.

Owing to their size and construction, cabin tents are suitable for extended camping trips. These aren’t the easiest tents to set up, but once it’s ready you’ve got a good-sized home.


  • Comes with plenty of usable space.
  • More than enough for large individuals.
  • Built to last.
  • Made from steel or other heavy-duty materials.


  • These tents are heavy and require at least two people to set up.
  • Can be difficult to manage if there is heavy wind or rain.

Best For

  • Best for established camping grounds as it's too heavy for backpacking.
  • For large families that need plenty of room for camping gear.

We have an article on 5 top rated family cabin tents. So check it out from here.

Dome Tent

The basic dome tent has a flexible pole, and this is bent into a half circular shape with either end fastened onto a webbing strap or tape. The tape or strap is set across the tent’s base and is included in the groundsheet. If there are three poles, it’s a hexagon, and if there are two it’s a square. Generally speaking, the sides are vertically set so there’s more headroom and a spacious floor.

Dome tents are known for the straightforward assembly, and this is the reason why along with instant tents, they’re very popular with families. Testament to how easy they are to set up is the fact that several dome tents take less than 30 seconds to configure.  


  • Compact models are stable.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Well-designed dome tents can withstand strong winds.
  • Affordable.


  • The large dome tents can get unstable.
  • Most are not as spacious as cabin tents.

Best For

  • Dome tents are good for families who prefer a light tent.
  • Ideal for camping in good weather.

Best Family Tent Brands on the Market

When it comes to discussions of the best family camping tents you’re apt to get different opinions, but the following manufacturers have proven themselves time and again to deliver. 

1. Coleman

Coleman manufactures a lot of tents for family use, and they're available in a wide range of sizes, with rooms capable of holding 1 to 8 people in most cases. The company is known for their quality products, and their tents are no exception as they're durable and built for serious family campers.


  • Tents are spacious.
  • Designed to keep you dry even if it suddenly rains.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Strong flooring.


  • Their tents usually have fewer doors than others.
  • Some Coleman tents cannot handle extremely heavy downpour, but that's common with almost all tents.

We have an article on 5 best Coleman camping tents. So check it out from here.

2. Alps Mountaineering

Alps Mountaineering tents are also popular among campers owing to the design and durability. The company has long-established itself as a leader in the camping industry with lightweight, backpacking and camping tents. Their camping gear accessories are high quality too.


  • Several types available.
  • Most tents are roomy, even those for a single person.
  • Pitching is easy.
  • Well constructed.


  • Some of their camping tents are quite heavy.
  • Can't withstand very heavy winds.

3. Wenzel

Wenzel tents are great for families that want a good night's sleep while enjoying the company of nature. Their tents are available in various sizes and styles, and many are large enough to hold five people or more.


  • Most tents have fiberglass poles that make set up easy.
  • Provides protection from rain and wind.
  • Floor area is generous.
  • Frame is durable and gives the tent extra strength.


  • The rain fly in some tents is not large enough to provide cover for hard rain.
  • Some of the doors are quite narrow when compared to other tents.

4. Kelty

Kelty is a name that long times campers will recognize, and like the other brands on this list have established a solid reputation when it comes to tents. The company offers different types of tents, and many are designed for families, and one of the most notable qualities of their tents is the ratio of the weight to price, which is one of the best.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Zipper works smoothly.
  • Big floor space.
  • Materials are durable.


  • Some don't have a storage loft.
  • Vestibule could be bigger.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Family Tent

To get the best family camping tents, your choice needs to go beyond just the price, as other factors have to be accounted for. Here are the important points.

1. Capacity

Your choice needs to be based not just on the number of people going with you but how much gear you're bringing along. There is no industry standard when it comes to tent sizes, so to be on the safe side go one person bigger, so if you're a family of four, get a five person tent. The extra space will come in handy if some family members are physically large, toss and turn at night and just need more room than the average person.

2. Tents for Different Seasons

The best family tent choices are the 3 season variants. These are light and designed for use in the summer, fall and spring. Most are equipped with mesh panels to improve air circulation and keeping pesky insects away. The best models also have a tight rainfly and if pitched right, can handle downpours, but not the type of rain you encounter during winter.

If your family plans to go camping during spring, summer or fall, 3-season tents will suffice. During these seasons what you'll need is a tent that will keep you dry if it rains or there's a bit of snow and these tents will do just that. Now if you're planning on camping during late fall or in mild snow, look for a 4 season tent: they don't have as many mesh panels as a 3 season, but are more durable.

3. Height

Big camping tents allow you to stand up while inside and this will come in handy if you're going to change clothes. If this is something you need, look at the tent's product specs and check the height: there needs to be an allowance of at least a few inches so you'll be able to stand up comfortably.

Cabin tents usually offer the most space height wise thanks to their vertical walls, but there are also dome style tents that offer good ceiling and interior strength. Dome tents have a high ceiling in the center, but the sloping walls means the usable space is smaller compared to a cabin tent. If you're over 6 ft. get a tent that is at least 90 inches long.

4. Materials

There are different types of tent materials and fabrics, but most tents for family are made of polyester or nylon. Nylon is typically used for lighter tents, but both are popular because they're affordable and dry quickly. In addition, these materials dry quick and resistant to rips and mildew, thereby requiring less maintenance. Other materials are available such as poly cotton, canvas and synthetic ones, so check the product description for details.

5. Doors

For family camping, a tent with multiple doors is recommended so you don't have to wait in line to get out if you have to go to the bathroom. Cabin type tents are known for having several doors, but other tents are catching up too. Look also at how the zippers work: they shouldn't get caught and mustn't be noisy so you don't wake those sleeping.

6. Rainfly

This is the waterproof cover that goes over a tent's roof, and you'll want to use this when there's rain or you want to keep the tent a little bit warm. Roof only rainflies let more light in while providing decent protection from rain. Full rainfly coverage meanwhile, offers full protection from the rain and wind but doesn't offer as much light or view.

Things to Know After Buying A Family Tent

Now that you’ve got your family size tents ready, it’s time to focus on the setup, usage and maintenance.

1. Set Up

Find a smooth, even surface, open the tent and other parts included. Stake the tent and make sure the structure is anchored on the surface. Join the poles as indicated in the user guide: they're either color coded or have numbers. Follow any more instructions on the owner's manual.

2. Usage

Once you've set up the tent it's just a matter of putting your stuff in there and going camping. However there are certain things you need to do to make sure the tent runs smoothly. For starters, don't use the tent in situations and circumstances it is not meant to. So if you bought a 3 season tent, don't use during the winter season or it's going to get damaged.

Follow the instructions with regards to the unfolding and folding up of the tent. Also, make sure the tent is set up in a smooth, clean area, with no sharp rocks that could tear the fabric. As much as possible don't sit or sleep near uneven areas on the tent as it could cause damage.

There are products available that provide protection for the tent, as some materials might deteriorate when exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. You should also keep an eye on the poles and make sure they are handled properly. In particular, shock corded poles have to carefully before it is dismantled.

When you transport family size tents, take care so it isn't damaged or accidentally dropped while stored in the back of your vehicle. To prevent accidents, lock and chain the plank being used as a carrier for the tent. While you're camping, keep wet items off the tent floor so the surface doesn't get damp.

3. Maintenance

Use a footprint, which is basically just a ground cloth that has been custom cut to match your tent's floor plan. With a footprint your tent will be protected from abrasion, and you also keep the tent's surface clean. In addition, a footprint keeps rainwater from gathering under your tent's floor.

Debris and dirt can gather inside a tent quickly so do your part to prevent this by keeping your boots or other footwear outside the tent. Doing so will keep the dirt inside the tent to a minimum.

Some tents come with UV protection but others don't. If your tent doesn't have this feature, get the rainfly or another anti-UV product to serve as protection. If you don't want to spend for another purchase, look for a tent with urethane coating but this is usually provided by the rainfly already.

If you're using a freestanding tent, shake the dirt out before you pack it up. Make sure there's no thrash left in the tent before you fold it.

If you're disassembling the unit, the shock corded pole in the center should be separated first instead of commencing at the pole's end. This will eliminate the tension in the cord and make the tent easier to fold.

Last but not the least, try to fold the tent in different places now and then, because the creases on the tent might become permanent.

Let's take a look at the following video to know about the complete maintenance guide of a family tent 

More Things That You Need for Camping

Even with the best family tent you’ll need some accessories to complete your camping.  

Tent Skates

Tent Stakes

Tent stakes are almost certainly included when you buy the tent, but it never hurts to have more than a few if you need them. It’s not uncommon for stakes to bend or break after extensive use, so it pays to have several with you. Stakes today are made from plastic, wood or metal. It’s also possible your tent is made from synthetic materials, and others like it may be available from the manufacturer so check it out. Campers have their own preferences, so it’s a personal choice. It’s always suggested to take some extra tent stakes with family size tents.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bags

There are basically three types of sleeping bags you can use for best family camping tents: summer, 3 season and winter. For the purposes of camping, 3 season and summer are the most practical. Summer sleeping bags are ideal if the temperature is 30 F and above, and they usually come with full length zippers and you can open them for improve ventilation.

3 season sleeping bags are just as full featured and most ideal for the spring, summer and fall. They’re also great when you’re camping near the mountains and the temperature drops at night, so bring some along. 

Air Mattress

Camping Air Mattress

If you’re after comfort, get a thick, heavy mattress, as the thicker the mattress the more comfortable you will be. On the other hand if the main focus of the family is to make the camping as light as possible, get a lighter one. For single hikers and campers, the light mattress is the more practical option as it’s easier to carry. But for families, heavy mattresses are preferable because they’re more comfortable. If you’ve got kids with you while camping out, their comfort will obviously be the priority. Last but the least, consider the size of the mattress, and make certain that it fits into the tent. Check out the 5 best air mattress for camping from here.

Camping Pillow

camping pillow

If you want to go to a nice sleep in your camping period then you need the best camping pillow along with the air mattress. A good camping pillow is one that is portable, provides your head comfort,  prevents a bad neck pain and supports you all the night. There is plenty of camping pillow options to keep your head and neck happy. You may also consider that it shouldn’t take up much space in your pack. You can make your own pillow but buy a camping pillow from market is the best move.

Camp Chair

camp chair

Portable camp chairs are the best option since they’re light, compact and don’t require a lot of time to put together. These chairs are also comfortable and come in different sizes from adults to kids. These chairs are especially useful if you don’t have a lot of room or need to carry them for an extended period. There are even smaller chairs belonging in the backpacker class; while these are aimed at backpackers, you can still use them in family camping. Just make sure the chairs you get are durable and meant for heavy-duty use. There is plenty of space for keeping the chair in a big camping tents after folding it. So you have not to worry about it.

Camping Lentarn

Camping Lantern

When you’re out camping at night, it’s nice to have an artificial light to guide you. This is especially handy if it suddenly rains or it’s darker than you expected. These lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, and some are solar-powered and others use batteries. As far as style goes there’s no shortage of options, but the most popular is the tent lantern that hangs at the poles so there’s illumination in the area where people are sleep. Keep in mind the lifespan of these devices vary so check it out first before you buy.  In best family camping tents there is a hook for hanging the lantern but sometimes not.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. How to clean my tent properly?
Answer: Use mild soap and water to clean the tent. If the dirt won’t come off, use a sponge to get rid of the dirt. Open the doors and windows and remove any dirt, bird droppings or stains that might be in the hinges. When the tent is clean, let it dry.

2. What do I need to prepare the area before I set up my tent?
Answer: Clear the area of sharp objects, branches, twigs and other objects that might damage the floor. If there’s chance of a thunderstorm, do not set the tent near trees because lightning might strike the tree and cause an accident. Make sure there’s also enough space around the area so you can set up the tent easily.

3. What safety measures do I need to consider keeping my tent good?
Answer: Open the doors and windows before collapsing the tent so air gets out. Also, don’t store the tent until it is completely dry so mildew doesn’t build up. In addition, the stakes and poles have to be stored in a separate bag. Finally, fold the tents with the same length of the pole prior to rolling.

4. What have to do with my tent if it rains?
Answer: If there is any chance of rain, install the rainfly and close the windows and doors if it turns into a downpour. If the tent is waterproof you don’t have to worry about getting wet. However, it does help to apply a waterproofing solution if the tent is always subjected to heavy rain.

5. How can I be sure we can safely install stakes?
Answer: Practice pitching and setting up the tent in your backyard before you go camping. Second, read the instruction manual for specific instructions on how to stake the tent, as it can vary per product. Third, do not stake in areas where water could accumulate, and don’t pitch under a tree.

6. What other items do I need to buy when purchasing a camping tent?
Answer: You don’t need to buy anything else, as all the components will be included in the package. You just need to unbundle the tent and set it up. However, you do need to buy other camping gear like insect repellent, first aid kit, tent repair kit, flashlight, and other items you deem necessary.

My Recommendation

We have taken a look at some of the best family tent products available today, but my personal choice would be the Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent and the Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent. Both of these tents have everything that the best family tent should be. They’re easy to set up, affordable and convenient. These tents also provide people with plenty of room inside the unit, and they’ve received a lot of positive reviews. In the end, that’s what you’re looking for in tents: reliability, dependability, and full functionality. And there’s also the fact that Coleman has proven itself time and again their ability to deliver high-quality products, so I highly recommend these.  

Final Words

If you’ve never gone camping before and want to give it a try, now is a good a time as there are so many choices available for a family tent. If you have never bought one before, it might seem daunting, but with the information in this guide, it’s not going to be a problem anymore to buy the best family tent.

These days the term best family tent is tossed around too much, but not all tents that say they’re the best are any good. By keeping the tips here in mind, you’ll be able to buy one of the best family tents that really suits the needs of your family. In short, the time you spend researching will make a big difference later.